January gray

Published on Friday January 6th, 2012

tease (1 of 1)

I’m a few shots short of a wrap for this project. A mother can only allow her small child so many minutes underdressed outdoors when it’s forty degrees and drizzling before guilt sets in, no matter how eager that child may be to canter up and down the sidewalk and show off her climbing on the front steps. And indoor photography is out of the question unless I can figure out a way to corral my subject within three feet of the south window. But I’m impatient to see some new content here, so you’re getting an advance peek at a post I hope to finish this weekend. There won’t be any parade of 2011 knits or summative assessment of resolutions; I simply haven’t the energy just now. I do want to show off this little jumper I made for Ada’s cousin, though. (Yes, it was meant for a Christmas present. Yes, I took it to New York and failed to finish sewing on the last two buttons and weaving in ends before we had to come home again. And yes, I’m still learning to adjust my expectations of myself now that I’m Mama to 1.4 little people.) I’m hoping you’ll like it.