Wee hike

Published on Tuesday April 2nd, 2013


Hiking with small people is hilarious. How, oh how, did the pioneers cross the continent with their little children staggering off into every clump of stickers because the tufty grass is such unpredictable footing? We didn’t make it very far along Powell Butte before the troops sat down on the track and demanded lunch, but what a glorious adventure it was all the same. Thanks to my friend Robin for the picture and the company. Thanks to the weather gods for the gobsmackingly lovely spring. Thanks to the city of Portland for the huge backhoes and to the Department of Defense for the fighter jet fly-by and to the horseback riders for sharing our trail. The day held everything a couple of two-and-a-half-year-olds could want.

One Comment to “Wee hike”

  1. Sandy Comment Says:

    🙂 I think the exact same thing every time I drive out to the coast…how did they MAKE it here? I’m a pretty determined person but boy howdy. You gotta hand it to the Pioneer Women. I moved across country in 1997, with United Airlines and Mayflower, and though it was a hardship!

    It has been a beautiful spring, hasn’t it? And yay for the cute kid photo!