Construction zone

Published on Monday April 1st, 2013





It hasn’t been as quiet around here as you’d think from the blog activity. Lightroom went on strike because it was feeling so outclassed by my fast new computer; I finally caved and bought the upgrade so I could unearth these pictures from a month ago, when my eight-month-old was making his first real headway under his own steam. It’s tough to capture a crawling boy in low light with a fixed lens! (And sorry about his slimy nose. Poor guy is finally feeling better and there are now days when I go a whole five hours without wiping someone’s drippy snout. Don’t let the door smack your @$$ on the way out, Winter.) But perhaps these shots are particularly apt for the lack of focus I’ve been feeling across realms of late. It’s time for Blue Garter to go into the chrysalis and emerge as something better. The content won’t change a lot, but I’m feeling out a new name—Blue Garter began as a play on words when I was schooling my fingers to the craft of knitting and also planning my wedding, eight years back down the road now—and a new sense of purpose that I hope will freshen up this log of my life for the next decade. I want to be my own handywoman in the construction and maintenance of the new site, so my progress may be a bit like Jolly’s at first. (Though if I can move on to the equivalent of balancing on my knees and reaching for the high shelves just one month on, I’ll be chuffed!) Blue Garter will stay up for a while as I work, and I should be able to feed you tastes of the extraordinary Portland spring and a couple of comical shortlegged people in knitwear now that the camera-computer relationship is off the rocks. I’ll smash the champagne over the nose of my new vessel with the publication of the Pomander cardigan. And now that I’ve written all that in public, there’s nothing for it but to plunge in and swim, right? Here we go!

5 Comments to “Construction zone”

  1. LissaG Comment Says:

    Good luck Sarah, can’t wait!

  2. Seanna Lea Comment Says:

    Good luck. I’ve loved reading your posts, so I’m looking forward to them continuing in whatever incarnation you choose.

  3. Linda in NC Comment Says:

    What a little sweetheart!

    Good luck with the new incarnation; go for it!

    And yes, yes, do feed us some tastes of Portland spring; this ex-Portlander misses the Oregon beauty.

  4. lizzie Comment Says:

    Your little lad on-the-move is so sweet. Look forward to the new site and the cardi………

  5. vivian Comment Says:

    Hooray! Bravo! It will be such fun to see what you come up with, and good luck!