Not just for breakfast anymore

Published on Friday February 8th, 2013

This one is a button eater. I am going to need some very enticing props—better than the stuffed dinosaur on wheels I planted right in front of him—if I’m ever going to get a decent picture of his Tomten jacket.

10 Comments to “Not just for breakfast anymore”

  1. Ingrid Comment Says:

    It looks tasty! Babies know what they want. What better than a jacket with built in toys!

  2. CCK Comment Says:

    Maybe it’s the yarn fumes he loves!

  3. Mia Comment Says:

    Seriously, can I eat HIM? He’s chubalicious.

  4. Jennifer Comment Says:

    I’d say in this case the sweater is definitely a secondary subject. He is SO cute !!!

  5. Linnea Comment Says:

    Perfect colorway for him.

  6. Seanna Lea Comment Says:

    Maybe it is just that these buttons are extra delicious? Is he like this with other buttons?

  7. Karen Comment Says:

    I utterly love that concentrated look on his face as he attempts to gnaw off the button.
    What I can see of the jacket is pretty enough, but his cuteness overshadows everything 🙂

  8. lizzie Comment Says:

    so beautiful…………he is probably teething like mad………..I have never knitted a tomten……it is on my bucket list.

  9. PJ Comment Says:

    You’ve got something interesting going on with the sleeves. Care to tell? Looks like a portion is in stockinette with some decorative cabling.

  10. Ita Comment Says:

    Beautiful! I’m knitting a Tomten right now but don’t know how to make the hood, I simply don’t understand EZ instructions! Looks like your jacket doesn’t have a seam in the hood. Or does it? (Once again – beautiful! And keep blogging, I love your posts! 🙂