Too hot anyway

Published on Friday September 14th, 2012

I tried to take a picture of Jolyon’s adorable new hat. I failed.

The little chap has mastered turning toward Mama, especially when she’s holding the peculiar black snout of the camera to her face, so I can’t show you any of the adorable details on his Pikku-Pete cap. It’s another cleverly constructed and absurdly cute baby garment from Lene Alve of Minni fame, but I’m just going to have to try another photo shoot on a day when I’ve got a prop master to distract Jolly and maybe even hold him so you can see the back. (That day will have to be soon; he’s so enormous that he’s wearing this hat a couple of months ahead of schedule and I’m going to have to make a larger one for this winter!)

And anyway, the temperature was on its way up to the 90s and we were keeping cool at the river with some friends. An alpaca hat wasn’t exactly the beachwear we needed, even in the shade under the scrubby willows.

That’s more like it!

4 Comments to “Too hot anyway”

  1. Seanna Lea Comment Says:

    He is adorable and the hat is super cute. If it is fun to make then maybe you can make two more in ever increasing sizes to keep him warm all winter and spring long!

  2. Denise Comment Says:

    Wow…he looks exactly like Ada!!! Handsome little man!!!a
    The hat is great too!!!

  3. lizzie Comment Says:

    He is very much like his sister at the same age – will he have curly hair do you think ? I want to make that hat for an upcoming grandchild – was it very difficult did you think ?

  4. Chloe Comment Says:

    Quite an inspiring post today. I will have to remember that quote. And there simply can not be too many pictures of Jolyon. Keep them coming! (But don’t leave out Ada!)