Published on Tuesday July 10th, 2012

This series is from the same day as the snail romper pictures, taken when Jolyon was twelve days old. I like the challenge of capturing these fleeting infant looks and gestures; like the squeaky barnyard noises he makes as he struggles up from slumber, they’ll be gone in a few weeks as he gains control of his muscles. The expressions he makes by his own effort will be more charming, but right now I love the way they shift like clouds before a raveling wind.

The Statesman



And, currently, Hunger. It’s back to Job Number One for this mama, downloading calories into an eager little being. Knitting content coming soon, I swear…

12 Comments to “Awake”

  1. Julie Comment Says:

    oh, he is so beautiful and amazing. Newborns are so expressive!! great photos.

  2. Kristyn Comment Says:

    He is so sweet!

  3. connie Comment Says:

    I am behind on my blog reading… But oh! He is absolutely perfect. Congratulations, Sarah!

  4. Denise Comment Says:

    Oh Sarah,
    He’s beyond sweet!!!!!
    Have I said how much I love his name…

  5. vivian Comment Says:

    Hail, the little people! They seem so wise while still at the mercy of their digestion and passing whims of their musculature. It takes quick work with the camera indeed, well captured my dear!

  6. lizzie Comment Says:

    SO alert – he is beautiful !

  7. Seanna Lea Comment Says:

    He is adorable. Everyone is right. Baby faces are super expressive even from the earliest ages.

  8. Daphne Comment Says:

    Heya sweet little bubba. I come over to google reader just to see you, you know. xox

  9. lizzie Comment Says:

    By the by, the Caelum is a super sweater for boys – on Ravelry – just finished my 9th !

  10. Kristen Comment Says:

    Oh, look at that darling boy! He’s gorgeous, Sarah. I need to get a few minutes together to sit down and knit for myself – I have had a hat planned for him for a bit now and no time to knit it. He’s growing so fast, and he’s so beautiful.

  11. Balzac Comment Says:

    Congratulations! He’s a sweetheart. Sorry to hear you had complications and hope you are doing ok now and are enjoying the summer with your beautiful family.

  12. Jodi Comment Says:

    What a cutie! Such an expressive little face.