And now for something completely different

Published on Friday July 6th, 2012

My giant baby boy is growing so fast I suspect we could capture the change with a few hours’ time-lapse photography: two inches longer, two centimeters more massive around the noggin, and already up to ten pounds. He can drink himself full to bursting in just a few minutes, then push himself up off my chest to execute a U-turn back to the taps when I make him pause for a breather, so I shouldn’t have been surprised to learn just how much bigger he’d gotten. The ways in which one baby is not like another astound me daily. My firstborn took about two months to reach this size. Here, by way of illustration, is my Tour de France 2010 project on Ada when she was almost six weeks old:

… and here it is on Jolly three days ago:

For this year’s Tour I’m mostly working on a Mitered Crosses blanket that I’ve told my parents will be ready by the time they move into the house they’re building. (Happily for me my parents are craftsmen who like to get all the details just so and they aren’t in a tearing hurry to leave their current house.) But I think I might be better employed in knitting a series of ever-larger hats to keep up with this strapping laddie of mine.

(Lovely blanket courtesy of my sweet neighbor Barb, for whom I made the quilt!)

Jolyon himself can clearly think of a higher purpose for Mama’s arms than either knitting or photography. But just now he’s sound asleep beside me and I think my eyelids might stay open for just a few rows. Tomorrow my beloved bike race heads into the mountains. I think I’ll celebrate with a 16″ circular, some stash wool, and a nice stretchy ribbing. Isn’t there a saying about variety being the spice of life? True of knitting and of offspring, I reckon.

4 Comments to “And now for something completely different”

  1. Mia Comment Says:

    He is really cute!! And growing like magic on mama’s milk! I hope all is well with two!

  2. lizzie Comment Says:

    I am also glued to The Tour but so many crashes ! And to think they were all new baby boys once and no skinned knees or elbows ! Your baby boy is beautiful !

  3. Ingrid Comment Says:

    I remember being just astonished at how dissimilar my daughter were as new-borns. It resolved most of my nature/nuture internal debate! Mine fed differently, gained weight differently, slept differently, and were comforted in different positions.

    He looks gorgeous, and healthy.

  4. Seanna Lea Comment Says:

    He is adorable. I hope Ada is well too!