To paraphrase Douglas Adams

Published on Thursday June 14th, 2012

I love due dates. I like the casual whistling they make as they saunter by.

I thought maybe you were the punctual sort, baby. But you didn’t come on Tuesday. Then I thought maybe you wanted to share a birthday with Granny (happy birthday, Mom!). But unless we both bust a move in the next two hours and forty-five minutes, that’s not happening. So just in case you actually are waiting for this:

Seriously, kiddo. The weather’s fine out here. But you are going to live in the Pacific Northwest, so you might want to think hard about letting too many more days like today pass you by.

I’ll say this in your favor: you appear to be the considerate sort, having waited for Mama to get (mostly) over a cold and Daddy’s back to feel better before putting us all through labor. Maybe you know exactly what you’re doing in there. I trust you.

9 Comments to “To paraphrase Douglas Adams”

  1. Katrin Comment Says:

    He/she (?) is hanging in there to share a birthday with me I bet. I don’t mind, not one bit. In fact that would be the best birthday present ever;)

  2. KarenV Comment Says:

    A child that marches to their own drummer. Perfect, yes?? I am glad you and daddy are feeling better for the arrival.

  3. Seanna Lea Comment Says:

    Maybe to coax your newest little out from hiding you need a tiny raincoat. It is the PNW after all (though I’m mostly familiar with Coos Bay).

  4. Max Comment Says:

    I like that quilt! I am sure that is what your baby was waiting for. After all, if you went into labour before completion you may have your hands full for the next eighteen months.

  5. Daphne Comment Says:

    Gorgeous. Let’s just hope your baby’s not aiming to be a Cancer.

  6. Martha Comment Says:

    Love this baby already! We are all looking forward to meeting he or she. Either way, it will be loved, knit lots of goodies just like it’s older sister. I hope it shares a birthday with Katrin too. She would never live that it was the best birthday present ever. Either way, we are all ready to love this kid, teach he/she Spanish and Estonian, how to knit, about Sunday breakfast with the knistas. It is going to be wonderful! So baby! come, come! We are waiting for you, and your mommy is right. Summer is amazing!

  7. Jodi Comment Says:

    Wow, you really made the most of the extra time! Beautiful quilt.

  8. CCK Comment Says:

    I wonder how many of us are checking your blog on a daily basis?… to each of you.

  9. vivian Comment Says:

    Not that blogging would be your top priority postpartem, but clearly your adoring public is waiting in the wings to throw you a virtual party at any moment…we’re pulling (pushing?) for you!