Needles on fire

Published on Monday November 28th, 2011

Right about the time I realized there was a month left until Christmas, I hatched one of my maddest gift-knitting plans ever. Measuring my progress against the calendar, I’m pretty sure it’s doomed to failure (although I believe the design idea is perfectly sound and I do intend to publish it), and I can’t say much here. A teaser, or perhaps a riddle:

long johns
old world
faded quilt

But the baby is asleep and knitting time’s a-wasting. Bye!

6 Comments to “Needles on fire”

  1. Leah Comment Says:

    Those sound suspiciously like brooklyntweed yarn colourways….

  2. Kathinka Comment Says:

    Oh, those are Shelter colorways… Many of them, so it might be colorwork…
    Wishing you a wonderful advent time, Katja

  3. Elizabeth Comment Says:

    Plume is a loft colorway, so are we finally going to see some epic loft colorwork? I hope so!

  4. Max Comment Says:

    Sounds intriguing. I am so curious. If I knew what you were making, I would probably be tempted to copy you, as everything you make is so great, but it would scupper my own Christmas knitting plans.

  5. Seanna Lea Comment Says:

    I’ll admit that I’m one of those people who is just happy with a surprise. I don’t often go out of my way to try and figure out what it is going to be (except for murder mysteries). I’m sure it will be lovely. Everything I’ve seen here has looked so professional and knitterly at the same time.

  6. Kaylee Comment Says:

    Loft!! I was contemplating some Loft skeins yesterday!