Now we are one

Published on Thursday August 4th, 2011

More accurately, now we are thirty-three! Ada and I had birthdays. One of us had cake; the other fell asleep before dinner was over. One of us got a swing and a handknit bear; the other got  a bunch of yarn and a 50mm camera lens.

Ada, 1 year (1 of 6)

Ada, 1 year (2 of 6)

Ada, 1 year (3 of 6)

(Mama needs to practice with this nifty new lens a whole lot. And find shooting locations with more light.)

I think it’s a toss-up which of us had the more wonderful, challenging, mind-expanding year. Like all fresh parents, I can only marvel at the metamorphosis that turns a dozy, squeaky, half-cooked scrap of newborn into a sturdy, busy, willful toddler who comes home from nursery school with marker on her face and glitter in her hair in twelve short months.

Ada, 1 year (4 of 6)

(Like the dress? It’s another vintage keepsake that once belonged to our most excellent neighbor Barb!)

Ada, 1 year (5 of 6)

Ada, 1 year (6 of 6)

Here’s to making the most of every day until we’re 35, my little love.

22 Comments to “Now we are one”

  1. Ariel Comment Says:

    it’s hard to get over how adorable she is! Also blue is definitely her colour.
    Happy Birthday to you both, I hope you have a wonderful year ahead of you 🙂

  2. Karen Comment Says:

    She is just adorable, and the pictures are great. I especially like the last one.

  3. Mia Comment Says:

    Happy happy! She’s so cute. W misses her!! And so do I.

  4. Kathinka Comment Says:

    A very happy Birthday to both of you from Germany!
    Katja & Bastian, who is now 2 1/2…

  5. Lynn Comment Says:

    “One of us had cake; the other fell asleep before dinner was over.” I raised five; I’m guessing that you were the one who fell asleep before dinner was over?

  6. vivian Comment Says:

    These photos are so rich my dear, just dripping with majestic shadows and subtle light! I loves them. Congratulations on birthdays and, always, on just being the classiest lady. I hope you make it into the shop again before I leave (again)!

  7. vivian Comment Says:

    p.s. from your previous post for small and active subjects: faster shutter speed, unless you want motion blur. Note, however, that this may require changes in ISO and/or shutter speed to compensate for the amount of light lost in your exposure. Doesn’t fix the sticky hands, either! You can change to shutter priority mode, keep it on a fast shutter and let the camera choose your aperture, since even the most accomodating little ones don’t sit around waiting for you to balance your exposure for every shot…

  8. Seanna Lea Comment Says:

    She is adorable, and while you bemoan the lack of light in the photos they still look awesome with your excellent eye for placement.

    Happy birthday to the both of you!

  9. Julie Comment Says:

    happy birthday to you both!! What an amazing year it’s been.

  10. Mary Comment Says:

    Happy birthday to you both!

  11. Daphne Comment Says:

    I do love the vintage dress, though not quite as much as I love that girl. What a marvelous year!

    Also – check out the new venue for Rowan posts (still using LJ but more on the journal/”friends only” side vs public blog side):

  12. whitney Comment Says:

    Happy birthdays! I love these photos, dark though they may be.

  13. chloe Comment Says:

    so glad you mentioned the provenance of the dress! I was thinking it looked made for her!

  14. Kristyn Comment Says:

    Happy birthday to you both!

  15. Caroline Comment Says:

    Happy birthday to the both of you. Love Ada’s little vintage dress. My daughter had a couple of them when she was really little. Enjoy dressing her in dresses while you can:)

  16. Ivana Comment Says:

    Happy birthdays you two! : )

  17. Carrie Dillon Comment Says:

    Happy Birthday to two BEAUTIFUL girls!

  18. Beth Comment Says:

    yarn and a camera lens… someone loves you very much!
    happy birthday to you both.

  19. Wendolene Comment Says:

    Happy Birthday to both of you! The pictures are so adorable, even if the light is low!

  20. Denise Comment Says:

    It is as much, (maybe more) your birthday as it is Ada’s. Happy Birthday girls. Sorry I’m so late.
    Those pictures are so amazing and soft and sweet. My favorite is the last one of course.

    Hugs and kisses to you both…

  21. Balzac Comment Says:

    Happy Birthday to both of you! Those are precious photos.

  22. Kristen Comment Says:

    A belated happy birthday to you both! Ada remains the rosy, lovely little person she was at birth, but oh, what a difference a year makes in everything buy rosiness and loveliness! There is truly nothing quite like your firstborn.