Happy Easter!

Published on Saturday April 23rd, 2011

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During the candlelight service tonight, waiting to sing William Byrd and Healy Willan and Eleanor Daley and trying not to drip wax on my music or my handbell or my neighboring sopranos, I was thinking how this ought to be the time we celebrate the new year. January’s being the first month seems so arbitrary, you know? It doesn’t mark a new season. The days are not appreciably longer; the weather hasn’t improved. No one feels reinvigorated on the heels of the winter holidays. It isn’t time to plow or plant crops or to do much of anything else significant but just keep hunkered down cooking soup and knitting as often as possible. But now the air is soft and warm, the trees are green and bronze and even auburn with new growth, the tulips are in full glory, Ada let me sleep five hours in a row last night… it feels like a time for new beginnings. I’m ready to come out of hibernation.

(And yes, that’s my daughter in a giant pot that looks like an egg.)

5 Comments to “Happy Easter!”

  1. bells Comment Says:

    i agree with you. January in Australia is just hot and not particularly ‘new yearish’ – if we were to make April the new year, it would be just wrong for the southern hemisphere though. Autumn suggests the end of the year, not the new. Could we have two new years in the world? I suppose we have chinese new year. Perhaps we could have northern new year and southern new year? It makes so much sense. Me, I’m tired of celebrating a spring festival in autumn. It makes no sense!

  2. Claire Comment Says:

    Happy Easter!!Such a beautiful Picture!!

  3. Mia Comment Says:

    Yes I agree too! Spring has finally sprung and it feels good! E says “That’s a cute baby!!!”. We love Ada. When are you guys coming to visit again?? I think I’m working in the hospital but maybe you could stay at our house one night???

  4. Kristyn Comment Says:

    I too love the new lease on life spring gives. Love the picture of the baby in the egg pot!

  5. lanajoh Comment Says:

    Have you heard of the Iranian or Persian New Year, Nowruz? If I am not mistaken they celebrate their New Year in spring! I thought that it was lovely…