Curiouser and curiouser

Published on Sunday April 10th, 2011

That’s my eight-month-old girl these days: keenly attuned to the world around her and eager to participate, investigate, manipulate, and mouth. She has an infectious laugh, a frank gaze, unshakable determination, a bottomless appetite, and a sense of humor. Yesterday she pulled off my hat, covered my face with it, then snatched it away and chortled at me — her first initiation of Peek-a-boo. Oh, and did I mention that her cheeks are both glorious and delectable?

Here she’s just waking up from a snooze during a walk at the Sandy River delta:

8months.jpg (1 of 1)

(And yes, a handknit in action — my mostly Selbu Modern cloche is still a favorite!)

My little lass is no longer quite such a terrible napper, either. On Friday morning she slept — hallelujah! — for two glorious hours. I felt as though I’d sprinted into the end zone of Mamadom and made the game-winning catch. As a dance of victory and thanksgiving, I sewed my Ada a perfectly adorable pair of pants, which I can’t wait to show you when the weather gets warm enough for thin cotton. (I made them too big for now, as this weather cannot be expected until the fifth of July.)

I’d like to be writing here more often to say so, but we are keeping well.

8 Comments to “Curiouser and curiouser”

  1. Denise Comment Says:

    Oh my…I have qoose bumps…She is so yummy!!! And those cheeks really are delectable. You two are beautiful…
    I love the hat too!!

  2. Susan Comment Says:

    Lovely! Such a sweet photo.

  3. Sandy Comment Says:

    She is absolutely beautiful. How happy you look!

  4. lizzie Comment Says:

    That baby always has a smile on her face ! So beautiful those pink cheeks – cant wait to see the pants. I have been making Anna Maria Horners Quick Change Pants for my baby grandson. Very cute and easy.
    The Lazy Day skirt from Oliver and S is also a favorite with my granddaughters.

  5. connie Comment Says:

    Ada’s cheeks would not be safe from me! Yum! She’s adorable and looks so happy to be on a walk with her mama.

  6. Cathy Comment Says:

    Beautiful – It’s a bit of a grey day but your picture brightened my morning – beautiful momma and baby.

  7. kathy b Comment Says:

    you are BOTH so photogenic!

  8. Ingrid Comment Says:

    They are delectable cheeks. She is lucky that she doesn’t live in Hong Kong – they would be pinched often!