An antidote

Published on Monday March 21st, 2011

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… to drizzly days and the sadness of new teeth (Ada’s, not mine, and I can’t see them yet, but they’re making her gums swollen and her demeanor cranky, though probably not as cranky as I’d be if my gums looked like that). This is High Road, Mary-Heather Cogar’s clever design for A Verb for Keeping Warm’s Pro-verbial Club. I’m making a present of it, but I might make another for myself. The Metamorphosis is delicious yarn and well suited to small shawls: the silk content gives it a faintly grippy hand that it helps it stay put better than my all-merino neckerchiefs. It was a quick knit — or would have been if I hadn’t made mistakes I don’t understand because I was too darn tired and I still am — and the dry desert colors are everything my home front isn’t at the moment. So even if they’re not my colors, they’ve brought me some cheer. Thanks, Kristine and Mary-Heather!

8 Comments to “An antidote”

  1. Holly Comment Says:

    Such a cute picture! And the knitting is great, too. Lucky recipient of the gift!

  2. Julie Comment Says:

    it’s a beautiful shawl!! I hope Ada’s teeth come through soon, poor little thing.

  3. torirot Comment Says:

    What a pretty scarf! Looks like something I could make too 🙂

  4. Sandy Comment Says:

    So Beautiful! I, too, need some dry desert colors. I’m sick of the rain. I was a really good sport until just recently but now I have Just.Had.It.

    And poor little Ada. This too shall pass.

  5. Mia Comment Says:

    Love the scarf. As for the teeth I say enjoy bare gums while they last. Soon the biting shall commence. And biting is. Not. Fun.

  6. Ingrid Comment Says:

    Good luck with getting some sleep, and I hope that the teeth get through without too much pain. The scarf looks pretty!

  7. Beth Comment Says:

    So pretty, little mama. Have you ever tried homeopathic teething tabs? They work great!

  8. kathy b Comment Says:

    It is a gorgeous cowl. I have to go now and check out the pattern. Here’s to frozen bagels for some gum relief. I let my babies/toddlers work on a frozen bagel for some cool relief.