Friday snap

Published on Friday October 15th, 2010

Finlayson_proto_IP (1 of 1)

I’m one sleeve and five buttons short of a new jacket for Ada. It’s got a hybrid round-raglan yoke, some garter stitch, some stockinet, and some slipped stitches for extra style. I’m going to change a few things based on this prototype, but I have to say I’m pretty happy with it. And the yarn, too — I finally stopped chiding myself to knit from the stash and bought some Malabrigo Twist. I’ve got two skeins of Liquid Ambar (and I can see how liquid amber sounds more poetic than pitch). I’m cutting it close on the yardage, though. Good thing I didn’t bother to swatch, right? I knit most of this while we were most pleasantly putting our feet up in Friday Harbor a couple of weeks ago. A cooperative baby who was strangely amenable to being propped among the couch cushions at the yarn store allowed for the knitting of the first sleeve on a rainy day last weekend. We’ll see if such favorable circumstances can be reproduced this weekend to finish it all off.

Speaking of babies, I love the sleepy stretching before they wake up:

Ada, 11 weeks, stretching (1 of 4)

Ada, 11 weeks, stretching (2 of 4)

Yeah, that’s a commercially knit hat. I have no excuse for not having made her a better one yet. Or a pair of mittens, for that matter. Except that I’m all about the little jackets right now.

10 Comments to “Friday snap”

  1. Ivana Comment Says:

    The yarn looks utterly gorgeous – she’ll be even cuter in that little jacket! : )

  2. Mia Comment Says:

    Love that little sleeping face and the chubby little hands. Walter does the same thing and it is very very appealing.

  3. mick Comment Says:

    That is some adorable stretching. Also, can I say that I love the colors you’ve chosen for the jacket? I prefer babies in rustic, dark, or sophisticated colors, rather than the saccharine blues and pinks that always seem thrust upon them. Your baby will be looking quite hip in her liquid amber jacket.

  4. Bibi Comment Says:

    trop mignon!!!

  5. Elena Comment Says:

    Congratulations to your sweet sweet little Ada. She is so gorgeous. And what nice little jackets you are making here. Lovely.

  6. stacy Comment Says:

    love your knitting projects. Your baby is so sweet! I bet its so fun to knit for your new baby.

  7. thewench Comment Says:

    She is looking gorgeous… I can’t believe how much she has grown visually already… can’t wait to see the little jacket. It sounds cute!

  8. whitney Comment Says:

    Oh, what an adorable little stretcher you’ve got there!

  9. Seanna Lea Comment Says:

    She’s adorable. I love the little waking pout she has in the last picture!

  10. abby Comment Says:

    Oh… I miss those wake-ups, and mine doesn’t turn 1 until next Saturday. It’s such an amazing year, and she’s adorable. (We had the same bouncy seat, too!)