Of trousers and travails

Published on Saturday September 4th, 2010

They tell you it’s amazing how the time slips by when there’s a new baby in the house and you’re its prime source of food and solace. It’s true. While I’ve been home much more than usual with plenty of time to spend at the computer, the rate of blogging has not increased correspondingly. This is partly because I do most of my typing with one hand while feeding my daughter (actual nap time when two hands are available has to be used for working and, when my brain is too fried to be reliable for editing, for knitting) and partly because I’m constantly discovering new ways to botch the infant care and waste time fixing my mistakes. The prize-winner thus far is the day I filled out a bunch of forms as if I were the baby (this I was supposed to do) and then capped it by signing her social security card (this I was not supposed to do). It’s really just unfeeling of our government to send an important document to the home of a new parent with instructions that read, “Adults: sign immediately in ink.” Those of us with brains not running on premium aren’t too good at reading on to the next line that explains how children should not sign until reaching age 18 or until their first employment, and then inferring that the instructions are written as if Ada could read them herself. So now I’ve made one trip to the social security office for a new card and have been told to return with a letter from the pediatrician affirming that the tiny baby I’m trying to keep quiet by breastfeeding in their waiting room is actually who I say she is. (Her birth certificate, a carbon copy of the form from the hospital requesting her original social security card, and the spoiled card itself are somehow insufficient proof, and it’s going to be a while until she has a driver’s license or a passport.)

And just now I’ve blown twenty minutes picking green fuzz out from between her fingers, toes, and chins. You may have seen the impossibly soft and fluffy bamboo blankets they’re making these days. Don’t be fooled into thinking they’d make a scrumptious cozy towel for after a bath when the baby’s actual soft towel is in the laundry hamper, okay? They lint like you wouldn’t believe in the face of dampness and rubbing. Yes, I muppetized a baby. She is clean and fresh smelling, but she looks and feels like the love child of Kermit the Frog and a chinchilla. Or maybe The Hulk was fuzzy when he was a wee bairn?

Anyway, before I was spending my time in these intriguing kinds of ways, I took pictures of the finished Oliver + S Sandbox Pants to show off here. Ada won’t be able to wear them for another year or so, but I’m pretty pleased with myself them. You know how to click for bigger.



The darker patches are where I removed the pockets from Mr. G’s old shorts. There are grass stains, too… I think my beloved played some ultimate frisbee in these one summer at college. Here are the secret polka dot pockets:


… and the buttonhole elastic I substituted for the drawstring:


Best of all, I think she’ll be able to wear them just about the time she grows into this adorable owl vest, knitted by my lovely friend Katherine. Mmmm, tweed:


This outfit is going to be so ridiculously cute I’m going to want to gobble her up. Oh wait, I already do that. The green fuzz kind of sticks to the roof of your mouth, though.

9 Comments to “Of trousers and travails”

  1. Wendolene Comment Says:

    My goodness–the idea of a muppetized baby is hilarious! Perhaps less so when you have to de-lint her afterwards, but I definitely got a laugh out of the image.
    The pants are so cute. I love the secret pockets–can’t wait to see them modeled with the owly vest!

  2. Ingrid Comment Says:

    I also love the secret pockets. The bureaucracy associated with children is astonishing. Just wait until she needs a passport!

  3. Lynn Comment Says:

    Buttonhole elastic? Be still, my heart!

  4. mick Comment Says:

    You just made the word muppet into a verb. And, boom goes the dynamite.

  5. mia Comment Says:

    how about a picture of the muppet baby girl?? Sorry that the bureaucrats seem to be winning…I’ll keep my eye out for that one when our little bubby decides to arrive.

  6. Seanna Lea Comment Says:

    Adorable. I don’t think I’m ready for children yet (still getting used to being primary care for a dog, much more work than primary care for a cat), so I love reading your adventures as a useful tips guide!

  7. linken Comment Says:

    The muppet lint visual makes me laugh! Just give Ada another week or so, when she discovers her hands to gum and drool over…then you get fingers full of soggy lint, that as a mom you can’t imagine how a younging can get so messy when they just, well sit there!

    It gets easier 🙂 really.

    And I too need to remedy a botched social security card, that I had for my daughter. We moved when she was 1. I put the card in a safe place for the moving process. And have yet to find it. 6 years later. (grin) Think I might just wait till we really really need it. (I mean I have it, it is somewhere safe with my husband’s birth certificate and passport….somewhere in our belongings.)

  8. meg Comment Says:

    Poor baby covered in lint! What a bummer. It is hard enough keeping little ones clean as it is!

    I love the poka-pockets, and the lovely yellow buttons on that grey vest – Ada is going to be STYLIN’.

  9. Rose Comment Says:

    You’re so very talented!