A zombie ate my content

Published on Monday April 12th, 2010

I had all these projects I was going to work on this weekend, all these pictures I was going to take to share with you here. I’m sewing a simple linen dress from this tutorial; I’m knitting these crazy awesome socks in a mad dash for a friend’s birthday; I’m mocking up a quilt block to practice piecing circles (sounds nuts, right?); I have two sweet Oliver + S patterns I’m excited to try. I did finish the neckline on the dress and got as far as the heel of the first sock, and then the zombies happened.

Actually, I was the zombie.

I just completely ran out of steam on Sunday morning and had to give over the entire afternoon to a nap, accomplishing nothing but a little feeble vacuuming. I dragged myself through an evening of marimba practice and grocery shopping and arrived home even more living-dead. Apparently Minnow is making some demands on my body right now and I just need to watch how I extend my energy. (Oh, and I was wrong about how big it is — I was reading my little journal again and apparently the baby had gained 100g, bringing its total weight to more than a pound! Which sounds like a lot until I remember it’s only got four months to put on at least five more… no wonder I need more sleep.)

Anyway, no fun photos and not as much progress as I’d hoped in any department. Except for that part where I’ve increased the size of my offspring by a skein of sock yarn in the last couple of weeks.

16 Comments to “A zombie ate my content”

  1. tracy Comment Says:

    I love the Oliver+S patterns! I’m currently in a mad Sandbox Pants sewing frenzy!

  2. Jules Comment Says:

    I remember this phase so well. You sail through thinking you might be the only woman to get no side effects and then find your brain has left the building and naps happen all the time! Enjoy this and sleep. Your body is so busy building a new person. I am so pleased for you and am eagerly following your progress from over here. I remember falling asleep in front of Diagnosis Murder every afternoon (don’t judge me, I am in love with Dick van Dyke!) as I was between morning and evening teaching sessions. Deep and dreamless sleep. Oh, my, enjoy every moment of it.
    Sorry to ramble on. My brain never re-entered the building!

  3. Daphne Comment Says:

    Filbert has, I think, learned to lean and prop and somersault. He probably was doing some of those things before, but he’s bigger now, so it’s quite dramatic. I was wondering a bit at the small size of 100g, but now I can wonder about the speed of putting on 100g!

  4. Mia Comment Says:

    Yeah, my little buntcake seems to directly drain energy from my body. I guess that is just what the bugger is doing. Feeling lots of little jabs and wiggles at night doesn’t seem to help with the sleeping. I come home from work and doze on the couch in front of Law and Order. I am NOT excited to do 5 nights in the hospital starting tomorrow. Yech.

  5. Sally Comment Says:

    Congrats! I am expecting, and have decided not to find out the sex of the baby either. When my DH and I tell people that sometimes they freak out… people keep telling me how much “easier” it is to know… don’t really know what is hard about not knowing. ANYWAY. Enjoy sleeping! I hear after the baby, that won’t happen as much. 🙂

  6. Renae Comment Says:

    Congrats! I have three wee ones and I well remember the pregnancy brain drain. Don’t worry your brain will return in all of its glory when you see the babies little face:)

  7. Sandy Comment Says:

    I remember what a friend of mine did about month five of her pregnancy: she came home from work, sat down in the hard backed chair by the door to take her shoes off, and her husband woke her up three hours later when he got home from work. She was still sitting with one shoe on and one shoe in her lap. That’s as far as she got! It happens! Be gentle with yourself and sleep now — trust me in a few months you will be kicking yourself for not enjoying all the uninterrupted sleep you can get! 🙂

    If you haven’t read it, read Anne Lamott’s “Operating Instructions”. It’s a journal about her son’s first year of life. And it’s funny as heck!

  8. Kathinka Comment Says:

    I know this Zombie, too. It visited during 4th until 6th month of my pregnancy. But to give you something (more):-) to hope for: I got all the energy back at the end of the pregnancy, when I woke up at 4ish in the morning really refreshed and with lots of knitting time.

  9. Katie Comment Says:

    I’m pregnant with our fourth, and for me the energy drain happens during the first trimester. My other three (4, 2, and 1) nap each day, so that makes it easy for me to nap, too. I remember when I was pregnant with my first and at noon each day I fell asleep. I wasn’t working, and it didn’t matter what time I woke up each morning–once noon hit, I was done for two hours.

  10. Veronique Comment Says:

    Enjoy the naps! I was so exhausted during my first trimester and took naps all the time 🙂

  11. christina Comment Says:

    Right there with you. I’ve scaled back most of my activites, and my knitting in particular has taken a hit. A most inopportune time to reduce knitting production, in my opinion! But so it goes. Growing a baby has turned out to be harder work than I’d imagined. There’s something very nice about just doing less.

  12. Kristen Comment Says:

    I’m an awful seamstress, but I’ve been eying Oliver + S patterns with a look out to the future when I’m not a complete sewing dunce. You rest up! Now’s the time. That ruffly dress is adorable, and I hope you get a chance to work on it, but take whatever rest you need. Many hugs!

    I’m always exhausted while pregnant, and I finally sat down and told myself, “Self, even when you seem to be doing nothing, your body is adding an entire internal organ as well as constructing a whole human being from scratch and that’s a lot of work going on that you can’t see! So ease up and rest, because you are working hard.” And then I felt like a weirdo for talking to myself, but those terms helped me remember that I was actually doing a lot more than was visible.

  13. knittingoutloud Comment Says:

    Years ago when I was pregnant I said to a friend who had a child, “I can hardly wait to have this baby so I won’t be so tired all the time.” She just laughed.

  14. the Lady Comment Says:

    Those are some very weirdly intriguing socks.

  15. Seanna Lea Comment Says:

    Those are super cool looking socks. Wow. There are so many wonderful patterns on Ravelry that it is easy to miss some of the more interesting ones.

  16. Carmen Comment Says:

    My daughter is having such a hard time with her growing baby and work. She doesn’t complain because she had a hard time getting pregnant and is just happy she is havong a baby
    She gets up at 5:00 AM,teaches 6 classes over 150 students,standing most of the time and then goes home to grade tons of papers and plan the lessons for the next day.
    I am so happy that I’m retiring,after 36 years of teaching,to help her when the baby comes.