Pattern updates

Published on Thursday January 28th, 2010

After long and indefensible procrastination, I have posted new versions of the Columbia beret and the Twisted Tree pullover on the Patterns page. There is now a smaller size of the beret available for those who have smaller heads and/or want to wear the hat as a true beret and not a beret/snood. The new version of the Twisted Tree pattern simplifies and corrects an error in the sleeve increase instructions. As always, please contact me right away if you notice a mistake or any confusing directions in any of the patterns!

2 Comments to “Pattern updates”

  1. Natalie B Comment Says:

    now all we need is a pattern for that lovely daisy cardi you knit (no pressure!) 🙂

  2. Carmen Comment Says:

    I made your Columbia Beret last winter and will have to make another because this one has been worn so much it needs to rest.