Wings Spread

Published on Thursday October 1st, 2009

It’s out of the chrysalis for the Cocoon-Stitch Half-Circle Shawl (a thoroughly unromantic name—make yourself free to propose something better!). Actually, I’ve been wearing it for some days, but it took some doing to achieve the necessary husband + camera + daylight confluence to document the occasion.


It was windy and bright up on Powell Butte (why yes, I absolutely DID steal the idea to go for a little hike and shoot photos of a new shawl up there from the talented Miss Emily of the Family Trunk Project, whose trunk show I hope to attend at Twisted next Friday), which is why I’m looking so squinty and ruffled in these pictures.




I do love this little number. Sooooo soft. Soooooo cozy. My preciousssss. I’ve been wearing it all different ways—points free, pinned in front, cattywampus and pinned at the shoulder. It’s a perfect size to warm your neck and shoulders without dragging its points in your soup or snagging on the furniture. If you can bear to knit from line-by-line directions, I absolutely recommend it.

Now, your good wishes, if I might have them. I may have torn my cornea (courtesy of grit in the eye while cycling). It doesn’t feel that bad, but it doesn’t look that good. Do please cross your fingers that the optometrist won’t insist on any treatment more drastic than a piratic eyepatch. I shall wear my most swashbuckling boots to her office in the morning in an attempt to turn her mind in that direction.

31 Comments to “Wings Spread”

  1. Emily Comment Says:

    Isn’t Powell Butte the most beautiful photoshoot location ever? I’m going back there on Monday for a professional shoot with my partner. Your shawl looks SO lovely and cozy! Just perfect for this season. Beautiful.

  2. Anne Comment Says:

    It’s lovely! And I think Chrysalis would be a lovely name for it.

  3. mia Comment Says:

    ewww…how did you tear your cornea?? that is a stinker. Love the shawl, as always your projects are flawless and awesome. miss you.

  4. Kristen Comment Says:

    Oh no! I’m so sorry on the torn cornea. This is just not the week for injuries – so many people I know got hurt this week.

    I love your shawl so much. It’s utterly perfect and has so much character. The texture makes the yarn look so so soft!

  5. Katie Comment Says:

    Wow, I love the shawl. It has a very different personality than all the delicate, lacy shawlettes that are all the rage right now (not that I don’t love those and haven’t made them myself). It looks warm and snuggly like a favorite sweater. In short, this is the shawl I’ve been waiting for. Excellent yarn choice. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    And with that, I’ll stop gushing.

    Good luck with the eye appointment.

  6. Daphne Comment Says:

    What’s that you say? Trunk show at my favorite PDX yarn store on a day I’ll be in town? See you and your eyepatch there.

  7. tiennie Comment Says:

    This is so very pretty and pretty on you!

  8. Sarah Comment Says:

    Love the butterfly wings – and it does look soooo cosy. Good luck with the eye!

  9. theLady Comment Says:

    Aaarrrr- that sucks! I hope your eye improves rapidly. Your shawl looks quite cozy. Think it would like to hang out in Berkeley for awhile?

  10. Misty Comment Says:

    Wow, your shawl is gorgeous! I really love the pattern with that yarn.
    I hope that your eye heals soon!

  11. Mick Comment Says:

    This is one gorgeous little shawl. It looks perfectly snuggly. Congrats! And also, good luck with your eye. It sounds so painful!

  12. Sandy Comment Says:

    Love the shawl. Once again, you are so talented! I will be praying for your eye to heal. Please keep us updated.

  13. Kristyn Comment Says:

    Beautiful shawl! Good luck with the eye. I think wearing a patch for a while would be cool.

  14. Katie Comment Says:

    Beautiful shawl! Ouchies on your eye. Fingers crossed that it’s an easy to heal situation.

  15. val Comment Says:

    I’m knitting something pretty similar right now but mine doesn’t look nearly as pretty or soft. Just beautiful!

  16. k Comment Says:

    what about simply the ‘cocoon shawl’? it is very pretty and looks awfully cozy. i do hope your eye is okay – as a kid they had to scrape something out of my eye and i wore a patch, but i don’t think i was brave enough at that time to embrace the pirate inside!

  17. heather Comment Says:

    oh, yuck – sorry to hear about your eye. many fingers and toes will be crossed for your cornea. i finally started carrying a small bottle of eyedrops with me on road rides because i was having so much trouble with eyes full of grit.

  18. =Tamar Comment Says:

    When my mother had to wear an eyepatch for a while (old-fashioned cataract removal operation), she made herself half a dozen out of black felt and decorated them differently – some with sequins, some with beads, some with false eyelashes…

  19. Michele Comment Says:

    Wow, love the shawl.
    Hoping for the best with your eye.

  20. whitney Comment Says:

    Oh, it’s so lovely! And that really is the perfect spot for a photoshoot.

    I hope your eye heals well. I tore my cornea once when I was a little kid, and had to wear an eye patch, and then sunglasses for awhile while it healed. The kids at school were merciless about it!

  21. mamie Comment Says:

    ouch…hoping the cornea is okay….tis’ he time for eye patches and pirate get-up, so you should be able to pull it off, if need be.

    the knit is delicious, it looks so soft. i just finished a ysolda pattern, damson, for my sister in law (to be) and the upcoming nuptials. i like the smaller shawlish pieces, very convenient.

  22. Wendolene Comment Says:

    A torn cornea–poor you! I’ve got my fingers crossed your optometrist is of a piratey persuasion.
    (And the shawl is very lovely–far more elegant than a cocoon!)

  23. Ingrid Comment Says:

    The shawl looks absolutely gorgeous. The torn cornea sounds painful – maybe a bandanna to go with the patch?

  24. Anne Comment Says:

    It came out beautifully, and I would guess it is sinfully soft too, from the yarn fiber content!

    Fingers crossed about your eye today. Aargh maties!

  25. yoel Comment Says:

    Yum! It looks so cozy and soft. These non-lacey shawl patterns are so great for autumn!

  26. Debby Comment Says:

    It’s beautiful, and so are the outdoor shots! They are so worth it, even though battling the sun and wind makes them a challenge.

    I hope your eye is perfectly fine! Do you use cycling glasses? I used to get lots of gnats flying at me and my contacts til I splurged for a pair. Some still try to sneak in sideways.

  27. balzac Comment Says:

    Geez! Hope your eye heals quickly.

    The shawl is a masterpiece. The yarn looks gooshy (in the best possible way)!

    Take care.

  28. Trista Comment Says:

    I love your shawl and it looks great on you! I have 2 or 3 skeins of Toots yarn in my stash and you have inspired me.

  29. =Tamar Comment Says:

    P.S. The shapes look like goblets, stacked up, ready to be used.
    If you don’t want to call it the cocoon shawl (Chrysalis?), how about Chalice?

  30. Karen Comment Says:

    Wow, that’s gorgeous, and glad to hear your eye was alright!

  31. Becca Rowan Comment Says:

    You have such a lovely hairstyle! It suits you beautifully. I used to keep my hair as short as yours, but now that it’s almost to my waist, I’m loathe to cut it again…it’s a shame, because short hair suited me too 🙂

    You have a lovely assortment of patterns on your site, I will certainly be back!