Amanda: interior

Published on Monday February 9th, 2009

You know a new sweater is a success when you can’t even wait to put the buttons on before you start wearing it. Happily, Amanda is a versatile girl who looks as well elegantly fastened with a pin.

You also know you’ve got a hit when the presumably non-knitting guy about to brew you a delicious latte tells you it’s a great sweater before he even takes your order. Compliments in Amanda’s first five minutes in public? Yes, please. And my husband was standing right beside me, so I think it’s safe to assume it really was the woolen garment he was admiring. Amanda is the flatteringest heavy wool sweater in my collection, though. Thanks to some waist shaping I added to the pattern and the fact that I knit under gauge to aim for a sleeker fit, she’s a svelte little piece.

I love, love, love the Bellwether Wool Co. Wensleydale, which is, on the practical front, toasty and not maddeningly itchy at the neck (I’m not very susceptible to wool-itch anyway) and ought to last a lifetime and, on the aesthetic front, lustrous and gorgeous and perfect for this waffly stitch pattern. I think Lois is out of this natural dark color until the summer, but if you let her know you’re interested I’m sure she’ll contact you when there’s a new batch ready. I’m delighted that I have leftovers enough to do a yoke pattern with them… perhaps Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Aspen Leaf pullover.

Meanwhile, I’m going to be wearing Amanda in heavy rotation while the cool weather lasts. She’s my new favorite sweater. Exterior edition to come when the buttons arrive and I figure out how to make the cufflink fasteners. I’ll be undoing the bind-off row on the solid buttonband, dropping down three stitches and working a buttonhole in seven places to match the other band, and then hooking the stitches back up and redoing the bind-off. Stay tuned…

36 Comments to “Amanda: interior”

  1. paty fontes Comment Says:

    beautiful! I love it! congratulations!

  2. Katrin Comment Says:

    Better watch it – I might be tempted to steal this sweater!
    You mean cuff links like on your February lady sweater? It’s time for a tutorial, I believe;)

  3. knithoundbrooklyn Comment Says:

    That is a simply stunning sweater! No wonder you got compliments!

  4. fleur Comment Says:

    Thanks for the pictures! I was wondering if it was worth to knit it but you convinced me 🙂

  5. Daphne Comment Says:

    Beautiful!! Perhaps I’ll run into you and see it in person–will be down this weekend though the event plan is not confirmed. Are you in town?

  6. connie Comment Says:

    Very nice, Sarah. Cozy, elegant, fits nicely. I’m not surprised it got instant compliments! 🙂

  7. merete Comment Says:

    you are as beautiful as ever. and the cardi oh the cardi. i am incidentally knitting the aspen leaf, cardiganized with a zipper, and an awful isager pattern….. congratulations on your best cardi ever.

  8. Jodi Comment Says:

    Sarah, it’s just gorgeous! What a classic knit — the fit looks perfect, and the collar and neckline are very flattering.

  9. Emilee Comment Says:

    That’s beautiful!

  10. Kristen Comment Says:

    It really is just a perfect sweater! Your knitting looks perfect, too, and I love the long cuffs.

  11. yoel Comment Says:

    What a beautiful sweater! The shawl collar with the pin looks perfect!

  12. Katherine Comment Says:

    I absolutely love the shaping and the texture of this sweater! I can’t wait to see the buttons, too.

  13. tiennie Comment Says:

    That is such a great sweater! It looks fantastic on you!

  14. Lisa Comment Says:

    It’s gorgeous! Great color and fit on you. I love it with the pin, and I’m sure it’ll look equally as great with the buttons your dad is making.

  15. mamie Comment Says:

    oh, it is so beautiful. it just right, so flattering, no wonder the public was fawning over it and you. lovely work yet again, o’ knitting guru.

  16. jane Comment Says:

    That really is a beautiful sweater – it’s so flattering and it fits you just perfectly. And random compliments are the best! I think it looks great with the pin, it’s very stylish. Wonderful work!

  17. Anne Comment Says:

    I love it! I just finished the knitting on mine, so now I’m anxious to see how it looks fully finished, since yours came out so great!

  18. Cheryl S. Comment Says:

    It’s just stunning! Great job.

  19. Veronique Comment Says:

    Wow! What a gorgeous cardi! I love the pattern, the yarn, the whole idea of this FO 🙂

  20. WiscJennyAnn Comment Says:

    Wow! Beautiful!

  21. Debby Comment Says:

    Emily is so flattering on you; what a gorgeous sweater! I know you plan to add buttons, but I think it’s even nicer with just the pin.

  22. katie m. Comment Says:

    Wow — that’s one gorgeous toasty sweater!

  23. LizKnits Comment Says:

    That is one terrific sweater! Love the color and texture.

  24. Susan Comment Says:

    So cute!!! It’s fabulous on you.

  25. britt Comment Says:

    absolutely awesome!

  26. Wendolene Comment Says:

    That is a lovely sweater! Very elegant, *and* knit in one of my two favorite colors. I can’t wait to see the buttoned version : )

  27. whitney Comment Says:

    That is one absolutely gorgeous sweater! I love it. It looks incredible on you, too. Your description of the yarn makes me wish I could knit a sweater from it, myself.

  28. Chris T. Comment Says:

    Gorgeous! Stunning! Awesome! Love the color. Great job and it looks wonderful on you. I thought you were a professional model. 🙂

  29. Craptina Comment Says:

    woah! that’s incredible! It’s really stunning.

  30. Peacock Chic Comment Says:

    It took 5 minutes before that sweater got a compliment!! I thought it should have taken 5 SECONDS!! I am IN LOVE with that sweater. IN.LOVE. Too bad I now have to buy the book to get the pattern. Ah well, here is to supporting our fellow crafters and they have you to thank for yet another sale.

  31. Linken Comment Says:

    Wow. That is a stunning sweater. I just received ‘A Fine Fleece’ for Christmas, I had only looked at the patterns breifly. (Noted that they are a bit more blockish than I currently wear.) But I am definitely going back to that one. Would you mind if I ask how you incorporated the waist shaping? Did you mash two sweater patterns together (my current fall back) or have a specific calculations squared away before you began? Really that is a terrific sweater. 🙂

  32. Seanna Lea Comment Says:

    That is gorgeous! I haven’t made anything from the book yet, and it is in storage. I’ll have to wait until later to start this or something like it. I know you are planning buttons, but it looks great with the pin closure.

  33. Nonnahs Comment Says:

    This sweater is stunning! It’s no wonder the barista admired it. 😉

  34. Linda Comment Says:

    How did you size the waist on amanda? I want to knit a sweater but don’t want it boxy and yours is the most beautiful! I may even try your yarn recommendation. thanks!

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