At last…

Published on Tuesday September 23rd, 2008

… I can show you one of my favorite designs from last spring: opera gloves, in a pattern I called Minaret for the graceful shape of the traveling stitches on the back of the hand. They don’t show up on the Knit/Purl website yet, but the pattern is available if you call the store (or stop by, if you’re in Portland). The official Shibui photo you’ll see if you follow the link shows the stitch pattern very nicely, but I like these pictures Mr. G took when I wore them to a gala we attended in May.*

Here you can see the pretty “mouse teeth” (as it’s called in German) picot edge. These take two skeins of Shibui Sock in Ink (or whatever color complements your fancy opera duds).

While you’re checking out the new Shibui offerings, make sure you take a gander at Sara Morris’s Columbia Cabled Pullover. My friend Patrick is modeling it, but I put it on at the shoot and wanted to steal the sample, it looked and felt so good.

*Someone’s going to ask about the necklace. It’s Victorian costume jewelry – I’m told it would have been attached to the neck of a gown rather than worn separately – and it’s been in the family so long nobody knows whom it belonged to originally. I inherited it from Granny, but I never saw her wear it. It was probably her grandmother’s.

16 Comments to “At last…”

  1. Valerie Comment Says:

    These gloves are beautiful, I never realized it was you that had designed them : ) When we saw this pattern at TNNA we just had to have it right away. We finally have them for sale now. Thank you for such a beautiful pattern.

  2. merete Comment Says:

    as stylish as ever. and congrats.

  3. gleek Comment Says:

    ooooh! so pretty! i love them 🙂

  4. mari Comment Says:

    So pretty. They look great. 🙂

  5. Jes Comment Says:

    Oh wow! I must call them tomorrow! Those are too gorgeous and I just bought some more shibui the other day hoping to be inspired!!!

  6. Wendolene Comment Says:

    Oh! Those are incredibly elegant. I don’t care that desert temperatures are still in the triple digits– I need a pair.

  7. Michaela Dawn Comment Says:

    Heavens, those are so sharp, the coordinating crochet necklace caught my eye also, and I wondered “no way, she can do that too”…. Even if you didn’t I am absolutely positive you would learn in seconds flat!

  8. mamie Comment Says:

    just lovely. i have 2 skeins of shubui but not of the same color. it just means i must find more. i recently found out shibui is from knit/purl…i am going to be in portland for christmas so i will get to purchase the 2 skeins i need in person. yippee.

  9. Dea Comment Says:

    Wow, really stylish and lovely gloves 🙂 I am a sucker for fingerless glovs, I have fx made 3 pairs of Eunny Yangs “Endpaper mitts”. I really like the length of these.

  10. claudia Comment Says:

    Those are lovely.

  11. rebecca Comment Says:

    So pretty and expertly crafted, as always!!!

  12. Debby Comment Says:

    Those gloves are so lovely; I’m going to get the pattern too. I just love how you interpret vintage styles and accessories into modern dress. I’d like to do more of that myself, but am always afraid of looking “costume-y.” Your Granny had beautiful taste!!

  13. whitney Comment Says:

    They’re gorgeous!

  14. Elaine Comment Says:

    I found the Moon bootie pattern in a 1946 Knitting book called Children’s Fashions in Wool Styled by Hilde Volume 52 that I found in the local thrift shop. You did a great job interpreting it. Thanks.

  15. Nonnahs Comment Says:

    LOVE these!

  16. bricolosdulundi Comment Says:

    I love them and will probably do them for next winter …. Congratulations for your knitting. Great !