Into the suitcase

Published on Friday May 16th, 2008

Debby’s comment on the last post gave me the right analogy as I head into a weekend of insanity: Mr. G flies east on Sunday night to begin Best Manly duties for my brother, so there’s packing and cleaning and organization to do; an herb garden to plant with our neighbors; dog care to orchestrate; wedding gifts to plan and buy; absence from my job in the face of a huge looming project completion to prepare for; a fundraising run for Room to Read to participate in. Oh, and the Ivy stole to finish.

Four more rounds to knit on the edging, and then the beastly crochet chain to finish it all off. Debby and I share a love of knitting while watching professional cycling, so when she told me to dig into my suitcase, I knew exactly what she meant. Commentator Phil Liggett loves to say, when a rider hits the slopes of a tough climb at the end of a grueling day in the saddle, “He’s digging deep into his suitcase of courage now!” So into the suitcase I go, my friends. I should have some pictures of this life-sucking beauty for you by the end of the weekend.

Meanwhile, the weather couldn’t be less conducive to knitting. We’re taking aim at 97 degrees today (that’s 36 degrees for you Celsius folk, and much hotter than usual for May in Portland). The kids at school have been lobbying all week for their favorite hot-weather PE game, Drip-Drip-Drop. It’s like Duck-Duck-Goose, except that instead of tapping your friends on the head as you make the circle, you’re sprinkling – and then dumping – water on them. It sounds much more appealing than picking up the cashmere (thank goodness it’s laceweight – if Saxton and Marika lived in the southern hemisphere I could be knitting a Wedding Anorak or something). I got up extra early this morning to water the more tender plants and to sew the hem of my new sundress so I’d have appropriate garb to weather the stickiness while I knit like mad this evening.

So look out, world: I am turning a pedal in anger now! Bring on the mask of pain! I will not crack!

7 Comments to “Into the suitcase”

  1. Veronique Comment Says:

    You can do it!!

  2. Rachel Comment Says:

    I have faith too, it’ll be busy but at least it will go quickly! good luck 🙂

  3. marissa Comment Says:

    Go, Sarah, go!!!!!!
    We’re cheering for ya!

  4. Heather Comment Says:

    Did you say 97 degrees? Lord have mercy!!

  5. whitney Comment Says:

    I love Ligget’s little sayings.

    Sounds like a very busy weekend, but you can do it! Think how gorgeous the Ivy stole will be once you’ve finished it!

  6. Nonnahs Comment Says:

    Hope the weekend went well (how’s that for alliteration?)!

  7. Debby Comment Says:

    I know you just danced on those pedals. 😉