Interior postcard

Published on Tuesday April 1st, 2008


Dear Readers,

While I was escorting my sock on a little adventure around the ferry (for it is an active, manly, nautical sock that didn’t want its picture taken among the flower pots or lolling in a sunbeam – I’ll show you tomorrow), this gull eased up to assess the situation. Since tourists often lob chips and sandwich scraps over the rail for him to snatch out of the air, I’m sure he was hoping the sock was something tasty. I disappointed him.

But he makes a striking evocation of my home, in a wet and broody mood. And I think he’s a good symbol of one facet of my interior life. It’s a photograph I could meditate on to center myself if I were feeling out of kilter. If you’re in a contemplative frame of mind or short of blog fodder or just want to flex your photography muscles this week, maybe you’d like to share such a postcard of your own? And then come back and leave a comment to let me know so I can take a look.



5 Comments to “Interior postcard”

  1. minnie Comment Says:

    makes me think of the book “jonathan livingston seagull.”

  2. Chrissy Comment Says:

    This is a gorgeous picture.

  3. Kristen Comment Says:

    Lovely. I have a soft spot for gulls, as I do for any intelligent bird. You captured the majesty of an oft-maligned animal really well. And look at that background! I’m prejudiced, I know, but there truly is nothing like the Pacific Coast. Magnificent.

  4. carlarey Comment Says:

    What a lovely image to have as your interior postcard. Lucky girl.

  5. Lisa Comment Says:

    What a great photo!