Spring Thaw and Ivy Socks

Published on Thursday February 14th, 2008

Holy comments, Batman! I’m truly flattered by the love for the Blue Thistle jacket, and I’m working my way through to say thanks and answer questions. I was especially tickled that so many first-time commenters came out of the woodwork – thanks, new readers and not-so-new readers chiming in for the first time!

Since you all seem to like seeing new sweaters, it’s convenient that I can finally unveil a secret knit that was finished in November. I’m seeking permission to bring a photo over here, but for the moment you can skip over to the ShibuiKnits page to peek at Spring Thaw! And why, yes, I am just a little bit pleased to be finally modeling the sample of my first published pattern.

And while you’re over there, you can also take a gander at my Ivy Socks – I’ve been sitting on these puppies since July. Whew! It feels good to have these knits out in the world! The patterns are available from Knit/Purl, or from your local ShibuiKnits retailer.

Less than 48 hours until I leave on my pre-dawn drive to Tacoma for a heavenly weekend of Madrona workshops! I get to bask in the wisdom of knitterly goddesses Nancy Bush and Lucy Neatby, my friends. And will any of you be in attendance? I hope we’ll meet in perusing the booths of yarny goodness. I’ve decided to allow myself a skein or two from Blue Moon’s Raven Clan (if there’s any left), because I think it’s such an interesting experiment to do a whole run of different black colorways, and because there’s no black yarn in my stash, but throw yourself between me and the credit card swiper if you see me reaching for anything else, okay? Look for a full report on Monday!

20 Comments to “Spring Thaw and Ivy Socks”

  1. Tammany Comment Says:

    Count me among those first time commenters! I was *just* looking at the Ivy Socks the other day. I just love them! And the color joice? Hot! I love Spring Thaw too. So cute. It’s my personal goal to make a sweater for myself this year. That one is definitely on the list of favorites to choose from!

  2. Jenna Comment Says:

    Lovely patterns! It’s fun to finally see them revealed. I will be at the Madrona Market on Saturday. Perhaps we will once again cross paths in the Crown Mountains Farm booth.

  3. Lindsey Comment Says:

    Congrats on the beautiful published patterns! The sweater is really lovely, especially on you. Have a great weekend!

  4. Jodi Comment Says:

    Congrats! Love the socks especially.

    Have fun at Madrona.

  5. casey Comment Says:

    I love the sweater pattern! Have a great weekend. It sounds like fun!

  6. Debby Comment Says:

    Your jacket looks beautiful! The fit is just right. Have a wonderful trip this weekend. I’m off to check out your new designs.

    P.S. Tour of California starts Monday — good knitting time all week, yay!

  7. Hilary Comment Says:

    Hi – I’ve been a lurker for quite a while, and I wanted to come out of the woodwork to say that I love both Blue Thistle and Spring Thaw! I love your sense of style, and I’m a huge Jane Austen fan, too! I will definitely be purchasing the patten and yarn for Spring Thaw.

  8. rhoda Comment Says:

    gorgeous socks. couldn’t find the pattern @ knit/purl though–or any of the other online places. ugh.

  9. soknitpicky Comment Says:

    Spring Thaw is a lovely pattern and you look beautiful! Congratulations on getting it published!

  10. Karma Comment Says:

    Well, I can already attest to the beauty of the Spring Thaw, even though I didn’t get to see the finished product! You look so pretty in that picture and the design is lovely. I need to go right back now and take a closer look.

    I’m going to Madrona on Saturday, just to check out the marketplace. Maybe I’ll see you there! Drive carefully…

  11. emily Comment Says:

    very nice, congrats on both published designs!

  12. Karen Comment Says:

    LOVE the sweater and how exciting for you to be modeling it! Have fun in Tacoma. Wish I could attend but I will be in North Seattle getting work done in my condo.

  13. stacey Comment Says:

    the sweater and socks are both great! I love the color combination you used in the socks!!!!!!

  14. Sarah W. Comment Says:

    If you heard a “whooshing” sound it was Spring Thaw being added to my ravelry queue. I love it!

  15. Daphne Comment Says:

    Sarah!! I LOVE the Spring Thaw sweater. Next time I come down I’ll have to pick up the supplies. The socks are quite excellent as well. Congratulations!

  16. cheryl riedel Comment Says:

    Oh no!! Spring Thaw isn’t up on Knit/Purl yet!! whimper whimper… absolutely must have this one!! Any idea’s when they’ll add it to their site?

  17. Mia Comment Says:

    Hey lady, I LOVE that sweater pattern!!! It is so very you. Is that the one you were working on at our house this past fall??
    I miss you. Why won’t you move out east again? :o)

  18. Meg Comment Says:

    Congratulations on what I hope are the first of many published patterns from the hand of Sarah!

  19. Heather / Arctic Knitter Comment Says:

    Congrats on publishing! :0) Yes – I was at Madrona. In fact, we met briefly when I gushed over your sweater at the Knit/Purl booth. I’m such a dork. Thank you for being so kind – your sweater (and other patterns) are remarkable! Thanks for sharing!

  20. connie Comment Says:

    Congrats, Sarah. They are lovely lovely designs. I can imagine that you’re thrilled that they’re out in the world now 🙂

    And I’m so jealous of your workshop retreat. I’m knitting one of Nancy Bush’s stoles right now (Lilly of the Valley from Lace Style) and I love her work! I hope we’ll get a full report when you get back!