Woolies for wee wrigglers

Published on Friday July 6th, 2007


Meet my little cousin Asa. He’s three and a half, hell on wheels, utterly charming, and therefore a tempting victim when I cut my teeth on knits for shorties. Back in the spring, my lifelong amiga Abbie asked for a cute kiddie sweater recommendation for her nephew Leif. A design idea came to me in a flash and I scribbled a raglan pullover with a traveling stitch motif up the raglan lines and panels of stockinet and reverse stockinet on the body and sleeves. I rummaged up some ancient Cleckheaton Country 8-Ply Naturals from my mother-in-law’s stash and cast on a couple of months ago. I finished just in time to try it on the little dude at the big summer party last weekend — family and hometown friends galore, plus a six-foot boa constrictor. The boa swam in the pond, which the kids thought was awesome, although some of the adults weren’t fully on board with the idea. (I spent a lot of time making sure small children like this one didn’t drown in the pond. It’s a nervous business, the whole lots-of-kids-in-water thing. We played man-to-man defense for a while but eventually had to switch to zone when a medium-size guy who actually can swim stayed in too long, got tired, and had to be rescued…all’s well that end’s well, anyway.) It was a hot day: great for water play, but my little cuz wanted no part of a wool sweater. When the sun finally sank below the trees he was up for modeling, providing I pushed him over the lumpy parts of the meadow:


He wore it the rest of the night and even managed not to get marshmallow all over the front when his brother made him a s’more. He really likes it.


Verdict? The pattern needs work. The arms are too skinny, so I’m doing the math to plump them up before Abbie casts on a version for Leif. And I’m going to have to knit a bigger one if Asa is going to wear it when the weather actually gets cold again. But I think I’m going to like it when it’s done. If the pattern proves sound, I’ll offer it here.

19 Comments to “Woolies for wee wrigglers”

  1. Brenda Comment Says:

    Great sweater and adorable cousin! I really like the reverse stockinette panels to set off the traveling stitches. And since you need to tweak the pattern, Asa would also look fantastic in blue tweed. A kid who will wear wool in July deserves handknits!

  2. Patti Comment Says:

    Wow. What a great sweater. Love the idea of the traveling stitches on the raglan. What a cool idea.

  3. kaitlyn Comment Says:

    What a great sweater! Can’t wait for the pattern–it looks like a really fun knit 🙂

  4. loribird Comment Says:

    It looks fantastic!

  5. Karma Comment Says:

    Aw, traveling raglan is such a great design. Three cheers for Asa! What a trooper.

  6. cari Comment Says:

    Gorgeous sweater. Gorgeous kid.

  7. tiennie Comment Says:

    How very cute! I love the raglan detailing.

  8. Daphne Comment Says:

    It’s a very cute design!

    I ran up to Hilltop yesterday and was amazed to find your picture on all the Shibui patterns. Very nice. 🙂

  9. schrodinger Comment Says:

    What a fantastic pattern. It’s wonderful that he loves it so much, he looks so adorable in it.

  10. pamela wynne Comment Says:

    Oh, great sweater! Can’t wait for the pattern! My first niece was born a couple of weeks ago, and I see kids’ knits in a whole new light now. 🙂
    But seriously? A boa constrictor?

  11. gleek Comment Says:

    very cute! but my god, you’re brave. you won’t catch me within a mile of a known snake.

  12. Pooch Comment Says:

    Your sweater is very stylish…absolutely beautiful! And, what a precious child!


  13. Debby Comment Says:

    What a sweet sweater for a sweet little boy! I’m not so keen on the snakes either. 🙂

  14. laura b Comment Says:

    What an adorable pattern!

  15. Jessica Comment Says:

    What a beautiful sweater, and what a beautiful little cousin you have! He’s a doll!

  16. Romi Comment Says:

    Sooooo cute! Oh my gosh. 🙂

  17. Katy Comment Says:

    Love this sweater–can’t wait for the pattern!

  18. Jodi Comment Says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous sweater. What a cheery looking model, too.

  19. Katie Comment Says:

    OMG I LOVE this little sweater! I would definatley enjoy seeing the pattern here and I have a niece who would adore that in pink.

    Now I assume the boa was someone’s pet rather than a wild and rambling snake? Do boas swim?

    I can’t imagine how stressful it must be to supervise a lake full of kids. I have trouble when I watch one little niece in and kid-proofed house!