Inspiration strikes

Published on Tuesday July 31st, 2007

So, baby things. I started rummaging through the stash, trying to make decisions about what to cast on for the neighbors’ September sproglet. We know he’s coming with boy parts, and since the EZ February sweater with the gull pattern is a little on the lacy and feminine side, I’ve been thinking about substituting another pattern for the body. (Gull stitch is only a suggestion from EZ in the pattern; most folks have taken it as gospel and there’s nothing wrong with that. Check out the umpteen darling iterations on Zimmermania.) There are a couple of good candidates in the stash for this; the frontrunner is some Fly-Dyed Monarch Fly Super Sport Monarch (my vote for most redundant yarn name ever, but tasty stuff) in a handsome dark teal color. I’ve also been toying with the idea of knitting Wee Neighbor Lad a blanket. In the inheritance stash is an armful of venerable Reynolds Saucy cotton in a perfect little boy blue. When I investigated the sack o’ Saucy, I found this:


Behold, a sadly unfinished sweater back, adult woman size. Ah well, I thought, the style’s past its expiration date and I’m sure Mr. G’s mom has totally forgotten she ever knit it. I’ll rip it out if I run out of intact balls during the blanket knitting. (You may remember this is what I did for Mr. G’s Fishtrap Aran – I still have the better part of the back of its former incarnation lining a box the cat sleeps in.) But then I had a flash of inspiration – what if I folded it like this?


Sew the bottom together, insert a zipper up the middle from the hem rib to the arm holes, continue for a few more inches at the top with some shaping for a little hood, pick up sts in rib around the opening for his little face, and voila, a baby pod! It’s already 21″ long, which I understand to be about the length of your average newborn. And the pattern should be cute and quilty:


If this works out, I will feel insufferably clever.

16 Comments to “Inspiration strikes”

  1. loribird Comment Says:

    Just thinking of it makes you insufferably clever. Wonderful idea!

  2. kodachrome Comment Says:

    Oh, how clever indeed! And how nice that Mr G’s mother’s knitting is going to be used after all. I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

  3. Lisa Comment Says:

    That IS a terribly clever idea! You’re so smart!

  4. minnie Comment Says:

    BRILLIANT! (whoa, dude, i just flashed back to a guiness commercial!). i think the hardest part of your plan would be matching the gauge!

  5. Ann B. Comment Says:

    I don’t know about the insufferable part, but you are indeed very clever! (~_~)

  6. mamie Comment Says:

    great idea, i love the sacks so much better than the long legged onesies, it makes diaper changes so much easier. the parents will love it. what a great neighbor you are.

  7. Katie Comment Says:

    How did you manage to even think of that? So resourceful! I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I like the color a lot.

  8. Karma Comment Says:

    Fantastic idea! Especially for a newborn; changing diapers every two hours through the night is much easier with gowns/bags than with pants and snaps.

  9. craptina Comment Says:

    sweet needles, that’s a fantastic idea!!!

  10. Katie Comment Says:

    That’s genius! The baby will be so cozy!

  11. whitney Comment Says:

    Oh, that *is* clever! I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  12. carrie m Comment Says:

    first things first — it’ll be a baby in a bag! wonderful idea for reusing, and terribly adorable.

    and brigitte!! c’est magnifique. please show us some more views!!

  13. jessica Comment Says:

    Well, I already think you’re terribly clever. 😉 And in reference to the last post, congrats on finishing Brigitte! She is beautiful, and tres chic in her native environment. 🙂

  14. Debby Comment Says:

    What a great idea! Will it save you time, I wonder, or will planning the hood be just as time consuming as knitting something new? Either way, it’s going to be a unique present that’s perfect for a little boy.

  15. Badger Comment Says:

    And the feeling would be fully justified – fantastic idea!

  16. Wanett Comment Says:

    You should feel clever. When ye succeed ye shall go forth and maketh a tutorial. I’m sorry I’m really tired.