I give you… Glee!

Published on Saturday May 26th, 2007


It’s done! It goes with things in my closet! Pardon the strange facial expressions… this was not our most successful photoshoot. But as you can see, Glee is a success: shapely but not too snug, so I can still wear something under it (Garnstudio Silke-Tweed is definitely less prickly after a wash, and I did wear this top throughout the evening against my skin with no discomfort, but you can tell it’s half wool), easy to introduce into an outfit, and relatively fetching, if I say so myself. Mr. Garter digs the peek-a-boo hook & eye closures. But look:


This is me smirking because even at this angle, Glee can hold down a PG rating. Three cheers for short rows! I’ll wear a camisole under it when it comes to work with me — elementary schoolers tend to be eye-level with whatever there is to see in this department, and I don’t want to warp any tender young minds — but it’s modest enough to go out among adults with no underlayer.

Just the facts, ma’am:

Glee by Zephyr Style

All of five balls Garnstudio Drops Design Silke-Tweed

US #3 needles

Modifications: longer sleeves (I was going for elbow length, but ran out of yarn a little short), short rows across the bust and a few across the back, lots of added waist shaping, got lazy about reading the pattern and worked the hem to match the sleeve and neckline rib instead of doing the deeper ribbing suggested.

Complaints? I firmly believe that any pattern written to fit close to a woman’s body, as the photos on the Glee pattern sleeve and website would suggest, ought to decrease a minimum of 2″ either side at the waist. If you’re one of the rare women this wouldn’t flatter, it couldn’t be easier to eliminate the decreases and keep knitting straight. But most of us want a cute top, not a gunny sack, and no matter what our proportions, we tend to be a little smaller in the middle than at the bust and hips. This is such a straightforward pattern that it ought to be a dandy choice for beginners, except that beginners are far less likely to go off-book and modify a design to fit their bodies better. I really think the designers could have taken the extra step to suggest a little waist shaping. But other than that, this picture best sums up how I feel about Glee:


And it goes perfectly with this:


It’s my swanky new little handbag from Tortilla Girl! Tortilla Girl is, of course, none other than the inimitable Becky — I had to get in on the ground floor of her design career, because she’s going to knock the French fashion world into next week. Thanks, Becky — this little number rocks!

29 Comments to “I give you… Glee!”

  1. schrodinger Comment Says:

    It looks fantastic! My favorite glee so far.

  2. tiennie Comment Says:

    So pretty! What a fantastic top on you. I see you wearing this many times.

  3. Daphne Comment Says:

    I am feeling very covetous at the moment. I mean, good job! Glee’s perfect (with your mods). 🙂

  4. Becky Comment Says:

    You’re so pretty in that top! It really looks fabulous on you. And I’m sooooooooo flattered that you like my bag enough to show it off on your blog. Makes my heart sing 🙂

  5. gleek Comment Says:

    very cute! nice job!

  6. jess Comment Says:

    it looks great!

  7. Kim Comment Says:

    Too cute! That is one flattering sweater.

  8. Karma Comment Says:

    You look fabulous with your Glee sweater and springy skirt! This is definitely a success story. 🙂

  9. laura b Comment Says:

    Really too cute!

  10. jen Comment Says:

    Your Glee is so cute! I would have made the same modifications. Your lucky to have such a nice bag!

  11. Jen Comment Says:

    I love it! It came out perfectly–no surprise. And I like the shorter sleeve length.

  12. merete Comment Says:

    very beautiful on you. but wouldn’t everything be that. and a lovely knit.

  13. stacey Comment Says:

    that came out so cute!!! the color and subtle tweediness is wonderful!

  14. Katie Comment Says:

    Va-va-voom! whatever you did to it, you did it right. That’s one gorgeous Glee. You look so happy!

  15. Asaknitter Comment Says:

    Amazing top – and you managed the PG rating – well done.

  16. Lisa Comment Says:

    gorgeous! i will be adding in shaping on my glee as i love the fitted effect it gave you. job well done!

  17. carrie m Comment Says:

    oh, it’s lovely! and where do you live? france? those poppies remind me of a monet painting. beautiful.

  18. MeBeth Comment Says:

    What a beautiful sweater – you could wear it every day!

  19. Kristen Comment Says:

    Glee is adorable!

  20. Katy Comment Says:

    Glee is lovely, but it’s those poppies that are knocking me out…

  21. Sue Comment Says:

    Glee looks wonderful on you, and I love how it matches that new bag too.

  22. colleen Comment Says:

    SUCH a pretty top. Cool clutch, too.

  23. Vicki Comment Says:

    What a great top! The perfect piece to dress up or down. Your Becky Bag is absolutely gorgeous too – and a perfect match no less! 🙂

  24. Debby Comment Says:

    It looks beautiful on you, and perfect with your skirt and new bag!

  25. Ann Comment Says:

    Wow – glee is totally gorgeous! Really beautiful. Love the texture and depth that the silke-tweed gives it.

  26. Nonnahs Comment Says:

    Your Glee is just lovely! I like it with the longer sleeves- really pretty.

  27. Sandra Comment Says:

    that sweater looks just perfect on you. it goes wonderfully with your skirt. nicejob! 🙂

  28. fluffa! Trackback Says:

    Silk Top? What’s that?…

    Just kidding. But just in case you forgot about my Silk Top, I’ll show you the meager rounds I managed……

  29. knittingphilistine Comment Says:

    Sarah, your Glee is gorgeous!! Love it in tweed.