Axel mitts

Published on Friday January 5th, 2007


Axel fingerless mitts.pdf

Behold, quick-knitting fingerless mitts! I have named them in honor of recently retired cyclist Axel Merckx. They have three crossed cables on the back; the palm is in 2×2 rib like the cuff and finger covering. For extra warmth, you can wear them like this:


They’re a fast, stash-busting project — perfect for toasty hands this fall, whether you’re cycling, knitting, reading, or typing. Click the link beneath the first image to grab the free PDF.


45 Comments to “Axel mitts”

  1. tiennie Comment Says:

    Thanks for this! My daughter has been wanting me to knit her some so I’m going to try yours when I get a chance!

  2. gleek Comment Says:

    very nice! i like how the top folds for extra warmth 🙂

  3. patricia Comment Says:

    They. are. gorgeous.

  4. minnie Comment Says:

    those are great! however, my daughter wants a pair with fingers. i’ve been using the knucks pattern at knitty, but with the yarn i’m using, it’s not working well. i gotta refigure the math on it.

    and i ADORE that color!

  5. laura b Comment Says:

    the best of both worlds! very clever!

  6. Holly Burnham Comment Says:

    Good mitt. I like you can fold it down for a little more cover…

  7. Laura Comment Says:

    Very cool. I like the top folding down, too. Is it okay if I think of Axl Rose when I make them?

  8. Schrodinger Comment Says:


  9. Kristen Comment Says:

    Those are stunning! I had cold hands walking my son to school the other day and decided I need some nice mitts. I love yours, so I’m adding them to the to-knit list. I love the folded down top. That’s distinct from any other mitt pattern I’ve seen.

  10. Lisa Comment Says:

    How cool!! Your handspun is so even. Those are some great fingerless mitts and thanks for posting the pattern.

  11. carrie m Comment Says:

    they are absolutely beautiful, of course, and very fashion forward! these might be perfect for me since i have an aversion to knitting mittens. (i’m not sure how i developed this.)

  12. Elli Comment Says:

    love them! Thanks for the pattern too 🙂

  13. Jessica Comment Says:

    Wow, what fabulous mitts! And only 150 yds of wool too–sounds like a very gratifying project. 🙂

  14. Craptina Comment Says:

    Sweet mitts! Good design idea on the extra fold.

  15. Katie Comment Says:

    Very lovely! Thanks for the pattern. The yarn color is gorgeous.

  16. Nonnahs Comment Says:

    Great mitts! They look very warm and cozy!

  17. Keana Comment Says:

    Love those, I must knit a pair, thanks for all the info!

  18. Ingrid Comment Says:

    Very cool…I see some of these mitts in my future wardrobe.

  19. Debby Comment Says:

    All hail Axel! (I wonder what team he’ll be on this year?)

  20. Hannah Comment Says:

    Beautiful mitts – I’ll be making some shortly 🙂
    Could you please send me an invite for Zimmermania? I’m making a BSJ and want to be able to post 🙂
    Thanks! Hannah

  21. Kirsten Comment Says:

    Wonderful mitts! Thanks for sharing the pattern. I love the ribbed cuff at the top. As if a girl needs another new project to cast on. Sheeesh. It looks like these will knit up so fast that nobody’ll ever notice though.

  22. Amy Comment Says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Sorry to post this as a comment, but I can’t find your email address…..We corresponded about Miss May a while back, and I’m ready to dig in. I’m wondering if you know the gauge you used or what the dimensions of your finished object were. I’d like to make it in a bigger size (6-9 months), so any additional information will help me figure out how to do so.

    Thanks much!

  23. Donni Comment Says:

    Love them.

  24. tammy Comment Says:

    Those are really lovely! Excellent job, just excellent.

  25. stacey Comment Says:

    those are great! I love that you can fold it down or up!

  26. BrownPants Comment Says:

    Very cute! How clever of you

  27. Jennifer Comment Says:

    Ooh these are great! Thanks for posting the pattern. I’ve been wanting to sneak in a pair of mitts since my hands are always Freezing but have so many other things on the needles. This looks like the quick solution!

  28. Jen Comment Says:

    How stylish–I love them! May have to make some for our cold office :).

  29. Dr. B. Comment Says:

    These are FANTASTIC! It’s finally cold enough in LA to need such a thing, and in bulky weight? Very possibly the best thing ever. Cheers!

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  31. chloe Comment Says:

    Wonderful pattern!! I plan to knit several pair just as the pattern directs. Then I would like to make some with a different cable pattern. My college age, twin grandaughters do not wear the same anything!!!!

    Since I am a really new knitter, I wonder, is it possible to insert a different cable pattern. What if the cable has only 8 stitches or has more stitches?
    How would I go about that? I have never been able to knit without a pattern to follow, never mind modify a pattern.

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  33. l Comment Says:

    When you do the 2nd CO, do you: 1) knit in 2×2 until BEFORE the last st then pm, CO 1 and then p the remaining last st. OR 2) knit all the way through, pm AFTER the last st, CO and then p the CO st?
    I was a little confused. You cast on 2 gusset st each time you do the CO rows, but inc the last st that remains within the markers if you interpet it like in 1) you end up with 3 st inside the markers.

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  35. Jen Comment Says:

    These are awesome! I made some in worsted weight (adjusted the pattern a little bit) for our favorite preschool teacher and she loves them. Before she would constantly have to take her mittens off to help the kids but not anymore! Thanks for the pattern

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  41. mary surchek Comment Says:

    i am unable to open the pdf file for both the beret and the fingerless mitts, both patterns that i reallllly want to make! can you help me with this? thanks

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  44. Bethany Comment Says:

    Found these on ravelry, and they’ll be PERFECT for my brother! Actually they’re cute enough that I might make a pair for me, too. 🙂 Can’t wait to make them.

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