Let the wild rumpus start!

Published on Saturday September 23rd, 2006


Zimmermania is under way. It’s a beautiful weekend for sawing firewood, and also for knitting baby sweaters. Behold the nacent Baby Surprise jacket, phase 1 complete. Doesn’t seem likely to turn into a sweater, does it? I promise it will look even more bizarre the next time you see it. But that’s the engineering genius of Elizabeth Zimmerman. You just gotta have faith and knit on.

8 Comments to “Let the wild rumpus start!”

  1. gleek Comment Says:

    so, in which book is this pattern featured? i’ve seen a few of them before and really love the construction!

  2. Mebeth Comment Says:

    I love watching these magically turn into sweaters – so clever!

  3. Jessica Comment Says:

    Your gorgeous Pacific Northwest day is making me jealous–it is grey and humid and warmish in NY! Pretty start to your jacket. And BTW, is your Jamieson’s Shetland super-soft, or fairly regular? I’ve been tempted to order some, but not sure what the stuff feels like.

  4. gina L. Comment Says:

    Very interesting sweater. Now you have very curious. I love the texture and colors.

  5. Kristen Comment Says:

    I absolutely love those colors, and to see them on a baby sweater is wonderfully refreshing. The endless array of pastels gets so old so fast, and to see deep rich colors like those is a treat! I’m excited to see the construction of the sweater as it develops.

  6. Nicolle Comment Says:

    I am working on the Baby Surprise Sweater from E. Zimmerman’s book. Unfortunately, I am stuck. I finished the part where it says, Row 9: k30, sl 1, k2tog, psso, k78, sl 1, k2tog, psso, k30 (140 sts) Row 10: (5 ridges) INCREASE 9sts (K3, M1) across end sections. My question is about the “After 22 decreases (90 sts) work 3 rows even…Well that part I understand but at what number am I making my decreases. I would truly appreciate any help you can provide.

  7. marianne Comment Says:

    hi, love this baby surprize sweater. went to library and got knitters almanac and knitting without tears

    well, they must call it something else cause in the first one it is Baby sweater on 2 needles, practically seamless? and in the other one the kids sweater is called Modular Tomten Jacket.

    Are these the same ones as the surprise sweater. don’t want to knit it and be that surprised. ANY HELP WILL BE WELCOME marianne.quam@gmail.com

  8. Patricia Comment Says:


    I just love the yarn you used for the baby surprise jacket. I have been working on mine for some time. I have been making my increases but I noticed that one side seems to be longer than the other. Looking at your picture above, did the side closer to the ball of yarn have more stitches on it (before the increases)as compared to the opposite side, after the increases? I am probably not making any sense. Do the end sections have the same number of stitches on each side? I have found that my piece has one end that has more stitches compared to the other side. Hope you can help.