Shhhh…we’re knitting wabbits!

Published on Thursday June 15th, 2006

Thanks to all of you for your kind words and support. In memory of Pequot, and big-dreaming kitties everywhere, let’s talk Rabbits. A few weeks back, I found myself in the yarn store (no surprise there, right?). I was on the verge of getting out the door without buying anything, too. Then I saw the new Lucinda Guy book. Turns out it’s just about the cutest thing ever. Check out some of these adorable projects:

Roost_blanket.jpg Owl_toys.jpg Owl_toy.jpg Cozy_tank1.jpg

It’s the owl that really got me. Definitely making the owl at some point. And there are several cute cardigans I’m tempted to make, too. But a friend who’s a ballet enthusiast is having a girl baby in July, so I knew I had to cast this on first:


Yep, it’s a ballet rabbit. Incredibly girly, and don’t get the idea I wouldn’t knit the owl for a girl, but pretty freakin’ cute, right? I’ll do the skirt in some other color so the whole toy is a little less pink. I made both halves of the body already, so now I’ve got to produce a bunch of rabbit appendages, and then some clothes. I’m actually borrowing the feet from a different doll in the book so I can make cute little ballet slippers, too. I may also change the ears, but we’ll see. I’m not sure I like them so stuffed. And doing the pink linings in seed stitch might be sweet, no? The pattern calls for Rowan 4-ply cotton, which I’m quite liking. It’s smooth and soft on the fingers, and it comes in a lot of great colors.

I was skeptical that a bedtime theme could amply support a whole book, but a lot of these projects make the transition to daytime wear with ease. There are plenty of clever ideas to help shake up your normal baby-and-toddler knitting routines. And while a lot of us can’t see the point of knitting something like an adult bathrobe, there are adorable robes for kiddos in here that certainly changed my tune. (Plus, a kid’s robe is a whole lot smaller!) Throughout, this book is whimsical and full of unexpected fun. Great design, and the illustrator clearly had a rumpus of a time. Unless the pattern writing turns out to be majorly flawed, two thumbs up from this knitter!

8 Comments to “Shhhh…we’re knitting wabbits!”

  1. Iraida Comment Says:

    I got the book as well. I’m dying to knit up that owl. Too cute!

  2. Robyn Comment Says:

    Thanks for sharing that because it is now a must-have to add to my knitting book collection. I had seen some of Lucinda Gray’s work before, but forgot about her. I’m in a mood to knit for my two and this would be perfect. I think the rabbit will be really lovely, by the way.

  3. gleek Comment Says:

    cute cute book! i love that owl 🙂

  4. Karma Comment Says:

    Yes, thank you for sharing this new book! Must have! I love the projects you shared.

  5. carrie m Comment Says:

    that owl has bewitched me! beyond adorable. thanks for introducing me to this book.

  6. Veronique Comment Says:

    That owl is a hoot! (sorry, I had to do it…)

  7. kathleen Comment Says:

    I just made Bella Bunny for my daughter’s friend whose mom is very sick, she chose it from this book. The knitting went VERY fast. I’m on the skirt now, but i have a feeling there is a pattern error on the placement of the eyelet holes. I’ll be interested to finish it and figure that out. Stayed tuned… I hope you will post photos of yours!

  8. Debbie Comment Says:

    This is kind of a year late, but just finished a Bella bunny recently and thought you might like to see.

    Did you ever finish yours?

    Making the Otto the Owl now. Could make everything in that book!