One Skein Wonder

Published on Friday April 28th, 2006

Welcome to the new Blue Garter! We’ve moved to WordPress and worked up a snazzy new banner – huge thanks to gleek for her expertise in that department. She’s also responsible for those adorable sheep dividers. We’ll be adding more content here over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for new stuff!
Okay, you asked for it. I’d rather be inaugurating the new and improved site with pictures of a finished Hourglass sweater, but it isn’t finished. I’ve been scrambling to complete my Sockapaloooza socks and haven’t touched Hourglass since I got home. So here, instead, are pictures of my tricked out One Skein Wonder. [Go on, click the thumbnails to get more detail – we’re testing out Lightbox!] I used some decorative stitches to give it a little ’40s flair:


The color is true in this second shot:


That’s swag stitch on the shoulders, and a simple diamond pattern of purl stitches I made up for the back. I decided to use ribbing instead of seed stitch for the cuffs, hoping it would draw in a little more around my less-than-bulging biceps, and I chose a 2 x 3 rib so it would match up with the swag stitch. I also thought that introducing seed stitch might give a little more of a “sampler” effect than I wanted, since I’d already dressed up the body of the piece.

One Skein Wonder, by Glampyre, modified by yours truly

Every last scrap of one skein of Cascade Sierra, 80% wool / 20% cotton, to make the 15″ size

24″ US size 6 circular needle

I finished in about three days, making this a very quick and rewarding knit. Heck, maybe I’ll even wear it to my cousin’s potluck tonight just to get a little more use out of it. We’re certainly having the weather for it. But don’t count on seeing any more shrugs up here, okay? One is enough!

Now I’m off to put away some boxes of clothes and work the toe decreases on my Dalarna sock. And then we’ll see how well the wire hangers work for sock blocking. I promise I’ll document the process for you.

10 Comments to “One Skein Wonder”

  1. gleek Comment Says:

    the site looks great!!! lightbox is really cool. what a fantastic plugin! congrats!

  2. Lisa Comment Says:

    Love the new site. Love light-box. Love the one-skein wonder. Love, love, love. I miss you!!!

  3. Stephanie Comment Says:

    I have not made the one skein wonder but I LOVE the way your’s turned out. Lightbox is cool. Your site looks great.

  4. colleen Comment Says:

    I like the swag stitch–great mod!

  5. Sandra Comment Says:

    my, oh my! I love the new template, so pretty! and good job on that modified shrug. 🙂

  6. lyn Comment Says:

    Your new blog home looks great and so does your modified OSW!

  7. Jenn Comment Says:

    I really like the new look! The lightbox thing is pretty cool. I can only aspire to have such a fancy blog as you! I love the stitch you used for your shrug too!

  8. rebecca Comment Says:

    LOVE the new digs! Looks spiffy! 🙂

  9. Jennifer Comment Says:

    I really like the lightbox–very snazzy. I am on a T1 line at work, and it seems to take a moment or two (I’m not used to that) so I wonder if people with dial-up or something not quite so speedy have any trouble

  10. jacqueline Comment Says:

    i love the new look! the sheep dividers are so cute and the layout is really snazzy! well done.