Howdy, y’all

Published on Thursday April 13th, 2006

I’m back in Texas. Yep, I didn’t learn my lesson the last time…. But Mr. Garter’s sister is getting hitched on Saturday, so here we are. I cast on for my second Sockapaloooza sock yesterday during the three-hour drive from El Paso. Since today is the calm before the nuptial storm, I hope to get a good portion of the leg finished. Tomorrow I’ll be filling Mason jars with green sand and votive candles and tying ribbons on tiny bells and the like, so knitting time will probably be scarce for the next few days. My one-skein wonder is complete, though! It truly was a wonder that I was able to finish it. I wish I could show you the eensy weensy pile of leftover yarn – it’s just the inch-long tail scraps I snipped off. I had to go back and tear out a few rows of the sleeve trim in order to finish the bare minimum of ribbing around the “body”. (I laugh, calling it a body.) It fits, and the decorative stitch work I added looks pretty awesome, I must say. It makes me feel thismuch less goofy wearing a shrug.

After the wedding I’ll be kicking around southwest Texas for a week before we fly up to Kansas City for my uncle’s wedding. So I may not have much computer access. Just pray for me that there won’t be any trips to the ER to report when next I write.

Psst – did you see the Knitter’s Review today? Seattle Knitting and Fiber Arts Expo, baby! I’m there! If you’re in the area and might want to meet up there, please drop me a line. I really need to meet some northwest knitters.

5 Comments to “Howdy, y’all”

  1. Stephanie Comment Says:

    Welcome back to Texas! I hope you post a picture of your shrug. I bet it looks great with your dress! Have a fun time at the weddings!

  2. minnie Comment Says:

    oooooooooo, too cool! i just found out there’s going to be a fiber festival in missouri, about 3 hours south of me, the first weekend in june. i really, really wanna go! however, money may be tight, because i got my tax bill today (i’m perturbed, go read my blog) and with the wedding, i may have to skip (sob!)

    i’m crossing my needles with the hope that you’ll be much safer this time (how hard can it be to keep away from massive injuries at a wedding (it’s not like you’re going for the bouquet, lol))

  3. lisa Comment Says:

    I never thought I’d see the day when Ms. Blue Garter Sarah would don a shrug!! I’ll believe it when I see the picture – can’t wait to see what sort of decorative stitching you did. Have fun at the weddings, and yes, please, no more harrowing tales of ER visits and stitches and the like!

  4. Amy Lu Comment Says:

    Have fun at the wedding! Please stay away from the ER! I’d love to meet you at the fiber festival, but it’s a little far for a Wisconsinite to go…. Maybe next time! 🙂

  5. Linda Comment Says:

    Hey, while you’re in Kansas City-if you get the chance-I recommend Yarn Shop & More located in Overland Park, KS.