Another pothole

Published on Monday March 20th, 2006

Thank you all for your kind wishes – I wish I had time for personal responses right now. The face is doing pretty well: the swelling is down a lot and it doesn’t hurt anymore, and the stitches are supposed to come out the day after tomorrow. I bought a hat with a large brim to keep the sun off it while I was standing along the marathon route yesterday.

As for the reduction in adventures, I hardly know what to write, but I have more bad news. The marathon went very well, and the athlete Mr. Garter was guiding recorded a personal best. Mr. Garter was able to run the whole thing despite his lack of training and he felt terrific afterward. But then last night he got clobbered with what we hope is food poisoning and not an especially virulent stomach flu that’s been going around L.A. The poor guy is feeling perfectly miserable, so we are holed up at his uncle’s place for an extra day instead of being halfway to San Francisco right now.

That means extra knitting time for me, though, so I’m casting on my Hourglass sweater sleeves. My plan is to grit my teeth against the unhappy memories of two socks on two circs and work them both at once. I want to be able to wear this sweater before the weather gets too warm. I also finished my lace leaf scarf at last – hurrah! It had its debut at the marathon yesterday, as L.A. is colder than you’d think. Our hotel room was an icebox and it was quite chilly outdoors before the sun was high enough to clear the downtown skyscrapers.

That’s all for now – send my poor husband your best wishes for a speedy return to health!

10 Comments to “Another pothole”

  1. Lisa Comment Says:

    This has been a most unlucky trip for you all! I hope Mr. G is feeling better in a hurry and that you arrive in Portland later this week in excellent health and spirits!

  2. Veronique Comment Says:

    Get well, Mr. Garter! And you too, Mrs. Garter!

  3. Betsy Comment Says:

    God Bless you girl, you’re having a hard time! I hope the trip gets better and look forward to reading about your new digs.

  4. Libby Comment Says:

    Don’t worry, you’ll have another month or two before it gets too warm in P-Town to wear a sweater 🙂

    May good karma come your way 🙂

  5. Amy Lu Comment Says:

    Sending very healing thoughts for both of you! Take care! Drink lots of clear fluids (as soon as you can hold something down!)

  6. Stephanie Comment Says:

    I live in Texas and all that gun talk was Greek to me. I was actually in LA this weekend and saw the race on TV. My friend and I ventured out afterwards. I had never been to LA and was surprised how cool it was – very pretty there as well. I love how you make everything ok as long as you can knit. I’d do the same! I got quite the laugh from that. Hope you, your husband, and your cat are well! Travel safe!

  7. Katie Comment Says:

    I hope that Mr. Garter gets well fast AND that you don’t catch it! I am sending healing thoughts your way and I hope the rest of your trip is quite smooth and boring!

  8. Marie Comment Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your accident and Mr. Garter’s Health…I’m sending you get well wishes – I hope the rest of your trip is blissfully uneventful!

  9. Rebecca Comment Says:

    I’m so sorry your trip had so many snags! I hope you’re safely in Portland very soon.

    Do, absolutely, do knit both sleeves at once. I’m doing it right now and it changed my life. Seriously.

  10. P-) Comment Says:

    I’m glad you are safely arrived in Portland. Each hour you will get more comfortable and a bit more settled. Godspeed to your yarn!