Baby’s first handspun

Published on Saturday December 17th, 2005

It ain’t too pretty, but I made some yarn. This is Romney gifted to me by Marie, who also generously loaned me her spindle to get started. It was such fun using the drop spindle that I bought 200g of roving to practice on, and there just might be a field trip to The Yarn Tree in Brooklyn to acquire a spindle of my own in January! Worry not, ye knitters, this isn’t going to morph into a spinning blog. There’s too much knitting to be done. Like five more inches on Gansey Sleeve #1. Right. Back to it.

4 Comments to “Baby’s first handspun”

  1. Marie Comment Says:

    Very very nice! Much better than my first handspun – colinette pt. 5 had nothin on me – it was so lumpy and bumpy! Ohh the Yarn Tree is going to be fun..and I might add dangerous.

  2. Becky Comment Says:

    Oooh, very nice. I’m envious of that little spindle; lucky you!

  3. Veronique Comment Says:

    Yarn Tree? Did you say Yarn Tree? I’ve never been there and was thinking of a little expidition…
    That handspun looks like a lot of fun!

  4. MeBeth Comment Says:

    Your handspun looks great! And if you cant make it to the yarn tree, I have a drop spindle you’re welcome to borrow, it’s just gathering dust bunnies right now.