The goose is getting fat.

Published on Friday November 18th, 2005

You know the holidays are approaching fast when the restaurant next door turns on their tree. They’ve smothered this poor ailanthus in hot pink lights. I don’t just mean they’ve draped the strings among the branches. No, they’ve outlined every solitary twig. And it’s HOT PINK, people. It looks like a giant faux-coral accessory for a fish tank. Anyway, the tree went on this past Sunday. So I knew I’d better speed through the toe of these socks, my first completed Christmas knitting.

Specs: Feather-and-Fan pattern, my own variation, in Mountain Colors Bearfoot “meadow”. I used US#1 needles on the cuffs, but switched to #0s for the heels and feet. We have scrawny ankles and narrow feet in my family. Shapely, womanly calves? Not so much. We’re plenty womanly elsewhere, thank you very much, but not south of the knees. My mum picked this yarn out on a visit to the LYS on her birthday in June, when I was home for my wedding. She isn’t a knitter and I’m not sure she could sit still long enough to learn to be one, but she has fine taste in sock yarn. Maybe in another twenty years or so, if she’s slowed down a tiny bit, I can teach her. It would be fun. In the meantime, I’ll just knit for her.

5 Comments to “The goose is getting fat.”

  1. Veronique Comment Says:

    Those jewels tones are beautiful! And the socks are too.

  2. lisa Comment Says:

    It’s been a joy to watch these socks grow during our lunchtime knitting. Nice job… they’re gorgeous! Now, why would your mom want to learn to knit when she could just have you knit her beautiful socks?

  3. Skylar Comment Says:

    Love those gorgy socks. Beautifully done.

  4. Kristen Comment Says:

    those socks are beautiful – I can see them matching everything from nice trousers to jeans…

    I love the image I have of the “tree” you describe! My dad saw a “tree” made of lobster traps and boueys today and I feel as though I’ve “seen” both extremems. (today on the highway we saw trucks of trees headed southbound too…)

  5. Marie Comment Says:

    I love that feather and fan pattern! The colors in the yarn really work well with the pattern.