I love Socktoberfest.

Published on Sunday October 30th, 2005

Well, I’ve finished two Socktoberfest socks…but they don’t match. It’s not really second-sock syndrome, because I did cast on for the second feather-and-fan sock right away. But I couldn’t resist the siren song of my Claudia Handpainted any longer. And then I knew I was going to need the size 0 Addis back again when I got to the feather-and-fan foot, so I thought I’d better just go ahead and finish my retro ribs. Here are the two of the most mismatched socks imaginable:

This picture also demonstrates the utter lack of autumn foliage – these are the two trees on the inside of my block (I’m sitting on the wall around my patio), devoid of the pretty bronze-yellow leaves they were showing this time last year. And in another oddity of this year’s strange weather, Retro Rib stops to smell the roses:

Two of my three roses are still blooming. This is my “New Dawn” climber.

3 Comments to “I love Socktoberfest.”

  1. Karma Comment Says:

    Both socks are lovely! You’ll never be able to choose a favorite.

  2. Becky Comment Says:

    Snazzy socks 🙂

  3. Teri P Comment Says:

    Great socks! and congratulations on winning a Socktoberfest prize!