That’s art, yo.

Published on Saturday September 10th, 2005

Behold the finished Feather-and-Fan socks, cavorting in the sculpture garden at the Museum of Modern Art. The socks really wanted their picture taken with their favorite Calder stabile, but there were a ton of tourists seated all around it and the looks they were giving me were funny enough from across the pool. So the socks got to leer at this lovely and forbearing Nude instead. Then they demanded their own picture.

Because these little puppies are Art all by themselves. They’d like to thank Lorna for the excellent Shepherd Sock in “Sand Ridge”, and the clever knitter who first realized that the Old Shale pattern would make a sweet pair of socks. I didn’t actually follow the famous Socks, Socks, Socks pattern because I don’t have the book. I pretty much just looked at other bloggers’ photos of them and winged it. I may have even invented my own sort of heel flap. I think I shall call it the Twisted Mistake Reverse-Stranded Slip Stitch Heel. I’m owning the errors, by gum. Anyhow, I’m pleased as punch with these little beauties. Good thing, too, because I’m making a pair for my mother with some tasty Mountain Colors she picked out next.

In addition to a finished pair of socks, I have a small knitting eureka moment to show for this week: entrelac. Turns out it’s much easier, and much more fun, than I could have guessed. How do I know this? It’s all thanks to my pal John. John is my dealer at the LYS. He’s also the generous kind of fellow who will encourage you to plonk yourself down at his spinning wheel or pick up his latest WPO and try a few rows to get a feel for the latest crack he’s pushing. I get to take credit for introducing John to the joys of Malabrigo, but he’s the one who let me knit up a little of his haul on Thursday night so I could get a taste of the entrelac blanket he’s making. It’s not as complicated as it looks, and it’s a totally good time, especially when you’re using soooooooft Malabrigo that looks like leopard print. Huzzah for entrelac! There may even be some in my own knitting future. But not until after Christmas. Must. Not. Start. Any. More. Projects.

4 Comments to “That’s art, yo.”

  1. Colleen Comment Says:

    I think that you gave those tourists a good story to tell:

    “Well, ya know, when we were at the Musuem of Modern Art there was a woman IN HER STOCKING FEET waving them in the air in front of some statue.”
    “No! Was she deranged? In a religious cult?”
    “I don’t know. But that New York, that is one crazy place.”

  2. Becky Comment Says:

    That is an absolutely PERFECT shot!

  3. gleek Comment Says:

    look at that feather and fan pattern! how scrumpcious!

  4. margene Comment Says:

    Very beautiful! You do socks well;-)